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Its been 3 years with large stones and finally scheduled surgery in October..Dr Shen thinks my pain issues are from scar tissue moreso than the gallstones.. who knows.. I recently had some dilated bile ducts on MRI and ultrasound and I started freaking out thinking I now have PSC.. ,my new GI at Cleveland Clinic did not think so, so I saw a hepatologist at Cleveland Clinic  that specializes in PSC and he said after seeing all my labs and scans he does not feel I have PSC either. But he cannot explain the dilated bile ducts either.. here is why I am scared of the gallbladder coming out.

I have dealt with minor leakage since my redo 5-6 years ago with Dr Remzi. I am worried that the leakage may get worse after gallbladder comes out, and I will be in a diaper or lose my pouch. I think that the leakage may be caused somewhat by my diet as its not great and I pretty much eat and drink what I want for the most part. I have asked my GI and the surgeon about helping me with my diet and both have pretty much blown me off when I asked for help or referals. Can someone here maybe help me with what I should be eating and not eating? My surgery is Oct 12th.

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As I mentioned in the other thread my cousin mentioned the same thing to me about fried and fatty foods post gall bladder removal. He has trouble digesting them. It could be an adjustment for you. I remember my cousin used to make Thanksgiving Turkey in a deep fryer and had to give that up.

As far as general diet goes most doctors don't really get involved in that. But how you do after surgery with diet will tell you what adjustments you need to make. I would try and eat whole foods, avoid fatty, fried and sugary etc. as mentioned above. Perhaps a bigger adjustment for you than most, but doable.

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Hey guys...I eat Keto and I don't have a gall bladder. Mine was taken out during emergency surgery along with my appendix. The only way I know they are gone is because they told me they took them out. I was on so many steroids at the time, and on bowl rest - I never knew there was an issue let alone sick enough to be removed. 

So like everything else with is individual...Don't be afraid...cautious, not afraid. 

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