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I am 4 days away from my reversal surgery (YAY!!!). I have received such wonderful tips/guidance/personal experiences from this forum in prep for this surgery.

I am looking forward to this next step, however am nervous about the recovery process. I am wondering if anyone has any last minute advice, words of wisdom, etc. they are willing to share before I head in for my surgery. Thank you in advance ❤

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Good Luck to you my friend. I think you have been through the really awful part but there is much healing to do.  I was fairly young and had no idea what was going to happen and all I can say is attitude is everything. Yours sounds really positive. Feel free to reach out to me  This site is where I got ALL my strength  NOT kidding. It took me a long time to find this group because I was so defeated. Keep your spirits up and your dr. on speed dial and again please reach out if just to say hi!!

I say this to everyone but here goes my advice. After your takedown it takes a long time for you to get a handle on things. You will have good days and bad days then after a while the good days will become more frequent. My advice is this. Don't worry if things aren't going great. They can turn on a dime. You can have pains or butt burn or whatever it is and it can be gone just as fast as it came. Don't freak out. There will be days you have diarrhea and you are trying to figure out how to thicken it up then just a few days later you can be constipated and trying to figure out how to water it down a bit. You can see blood sometimes or no blood ever. I wore diapers to bed for the first 2 months or so. For me metamucil has been a god sent. And for me I do really good with smaller meals instead of big meals. I don't do well with just endless snacking either. It's not that I can't have a snack. But if I snack it's got to be like a bowl of ice cream then I'm done. I can't just sit and snack on peanuts or chips all day. It will really screw me up.

Anytime Li, we are sisters in recovery. I check on this site often and will always reply.  Jaydog's answer is really insightful. There may be times when you get very down and it makes it hard to reach out  Your body will be adjusting to your new design. It takes time and it will be hard no doubt. But keep your resolve and know that this too will pass and the best part for me is knowing we are not alone. EVER. ☺️😊

Thinking of you Li & wishing you a speedy recovery. Jaydogs post is very good advice. I really couldn’t have said it any better. I will say this: listen to your body, it will guide you. It will adapt. When you have to move your bowels move them, do not hold unless you are nowhere near a bathroom. Mashed potatoes & cream of wheat became a food staple for me especially in early in recovery phase (I still love mashed potatoes) & I did eat Metamucil wafers. Don’t be hard on yourself. Take your time. Drink water. Rest. It’s a new journey & your new normal/ way of life. My jpouch life is way better than my old UC life. As Kelli said you are not alone.

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