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So, I had an ultrasound which revealed a very large fibroid (5.7 cm! -- basically the size of a clementine and palpable from the outside) as well as a pelvic cyst. This is not a typical ovarian cyst (which I've had before and which have all resolved on their own).  This is a peritoneal cyst which is behind the ovary and "encapsulated by scar tissue" from my prior surgeries.  My surgeon is referring me to a gynecologist for a further opinion on both.

Anyone have experience with peritoneal cysts post surgery?  What about having a hysterectomy or myomectomy with a pouch? I'm 43 and wasn't quite ready for that, but it sounds like it isn't being ruled out. 

Thanks for the info as always!

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I have not had a hysterectomy however I told my surgeon I should have had him take it all out because I have issues with the pouch every time I have my period. He told me a hysterectomy would not be good because of pelvic floor disfunction with not having my colon as well. However, while I have no plans to have one I am interested to hear if anyone with the pouch has had one. I'm sure in some cases it's necessary.  Hope you feel better and get some good solutions from your gynecologist.

I also have a very large fibroid pendulated from the outside of my uterus that is compressing my urinary bladder. I have other large fibroids inside my uterus, enlarging it. The ovaries are unable to be visualized, due to the size of the uterus. Sometimes I feel pressure and an uncomfortable feeling in my suprapubic area and have frequent urination and incomplete emptying sensations. I would really like to have a hysterectomy and oorphorectomy. I have had my J-pouch for 19 years and it is great. I rarely have any problems with it. I do not want to endanger my J-pouch by having my uterus and ovaries removed, but would like to protect my urinary bladder as well. I am 64 and am very healthy. All i have going on is osteoporosis. I too have moved away from the colorectal surgeon who made my pouch, but I am willing to travel back to him, if he is not retired yet. I have discussed the fibroids with 2 gynecologists who are reluctant to do the surgery unless a general surgeon or colorectal surgeon is present. I agree with them. I see posts here about concern with the pelvic floor. I have not had any issues with that. I would appreciate any comments and advice. I am in Cape Coral, FL. I can travel if anyone can offer a surgeon who has done hysterectomies with J-pouches present.

Hi there! I am also dealing with a possible peritoneal inclusion cyst. It was found on a CT right after my first j-pouch surgery. That was in 2019. Had an MRI spring of 2021 and it was there. Just had an ultrasound and it’s still there. They don’t act concerned and I really don’t have any pain from it but it does concern me a bit. My ultrasound says there’s a small nodular component within the cyst. I guess that seems a little abnormal to me? Not sure what I’m going to do about it….

Hi! I had issues with ovarian cysts through the years... A couple were quite large and had to be removed through a c-section type incision.  I have not had a peritoneal cyst.  I had a complete hysterectomy 2 years ago and (knock on wood) have not had any issues w/ my pelvic floor or J-Pouch.  Please keep us posted! I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts!  

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