I started going to an internist/wellness doctor (my new pcp). Saw him for the first time 2 weeks ago. One of many things he suggested, was that I stop taking Konsyl (psyllium husk) and replace it with 1/3 cup of Fiber One Cereal once a day, sounded crazy but thought what the heck, nothing has been helping me for the last few years, what could it hurt?  To my surprise not only did it work, I have not had to take any of my anti-diarrheal meds, no Imodium, pepto, lomotil, Vicodin, Nothing! It’s only been 2 weeks, I keep waiting for it to stop working, like everything else does, but it hasn’t. 

It has made such a dramatic improvement in my life, hope it stays this way!

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Would you mind sharing how Fiber One helped you?  Did it help you right away or did it take several days for the effects to appear? 


The fiber one cereal acts like a binding agent, slowed me down. It worked immediately. First time I ate too much, 1/2 bowl, I was stopped up for over 24hrs lol, then I paid attention to what doc told me, 1/3 cup,  works much better 

I have chronic diarrhea, not much works anymore, so finding something that works this well is a miracle for me. I just pray it continues to work. 


YTCrockpot, thanks for posting this. When I saw your post, I bought Kellogg's All Bran Flakes (because I don't like the Buds) and I eat 1/2 cup of cereal with blueberries and almond milk. I like the taste, and it seems to be working. While it hasn't lessened my number of BMs, yet, it has made them more solid. For anyone looking to limit carbs, the label says 1 cup serving has 28 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fiber, for a net 23 grams of complex carbs (whole grain wheat, wheat bran).  So not bad. Five grams of fiber in a serving of anything is a good start.

I also bought Fibre 1 cereal to try, the Honey Oat Clusters flavour. For this cereal, 1 cup serving has 45 grams of carbs, but a whopping 13 grams of fibre, for a net of 32 grams of carbs. The honey clusters give it a bit more flavour, but both cereals taste good. Not like kids' cereals overloaded with sugar, colouring and chocolate, but for an adult cereal they taste good with blueberries or sliced banana. Thanks, YTCrockpot!

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