Hey guys I was wondering does fiber make you go more? 

My diet goes like this I make everything from scratch if possible. I only drink water and tea. I don't do fast food or fried. 

I started to take some fiber a few days not much (1tsp) with breakfast and lunch but now I am starting to go to the bathroom more. 

I was wondering if anyone has had the same thing happened to them? 

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Yeah fiber supps do increase bms and gas too. I usually take it with breakfast and dinner and get a mixed response. I started from 2-2 tsp daily and now down to 1/2-1/2 a day. Although I've noticed if I don't take any I can hold longer. 

Soluble fiber supplements aren’t taken to enhance nutrition. For J-pouchers they are taken to bulk up the stool, creating a more solid consistency. Some (but not all) find this more comfortable when on the toilet and while delaying a visit to the toilet.

Its important to take fibre about 30 mins before eating.   In fact i usually take it and hour or more before eating.

As scott says there are different types of fibre.  If you have only just started taking your fibre, try and stick with it a bit.  Can take a week or 2 of the body to adjust and produce less gas.  If that doesnt work try a different type.

I use pure psylium husk (5mg) in the morning and inulin (5mg) in the evening.  To start with the Inulin gave  me crazy gas.. seems to be better now though

Interesting... Does literally nothing for me unless I give it at least a 20 to 30 minute headstart... I don't even have to take fibre with food, as long as I take it twice a day and before I eat it still works.  Taking it after I eat obviously doesn't help at all.. That's quite useful if going out for a meal though


Arodecker, if fibre isn't working for you my to tip is to stick with it a bit and try taking it early.. you have nothing to lose, then again if you are already happy with your frequency why bother? Lol

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