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Anyone have difficulty with fiber?? The doctors push it so much and I'm just not tolerating it well. I've been paying more attention and I get more butt burn when having whole wheat or whole grain vs when I just have a white bagel. My fiber cereal goes thur me and have noticed it leaves me very burny and itchy. I did experiment with Metamucil for awhile and it didn't have that effect but did have the gassy, bloated stomach problems. 

Anyone else not tolerating it well?? Suggestions?

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As Scott mentioned, I would experiment with the brands of fiber you are purchasing.


Personally, I take Benefiber but many others take Metamucil. Also, I took the advice of someone on this website and now add only a very small amount of water to the fiber. I stir it with a spoon to make a slushy-like substance. I don't add the recommended fl. oz. in water because it had no effect on me (assuming since I have a j-pouch and don't absorb water well).

 I am going to continue to suggest psyllium husks vs Metamucil as a fibre.  I just find it is so beneficial with keeping things formed and does not have the added sugar which apparently is not good for us in terms of pouchitis prevention. I find the psyllium prevents  the burning.  If "things are formed' is just better all around in my experience. Although I have nothing against Benefiber, it doesn't work as well for me as plain psyllium husks..... No taste. No sugar. 1 tsp x four daily has worked for me. Other than psyllium, I get some fibre from vegetables but I don't eat grains for the most part. Clearly it's an individual choice. 

Unsweetend psyllium husk is well tolerated by some folks, but not all. A readily available brand is Konsyl. For about a year now I've been mixing Metamucil and Konsyl 50/50. This cuts the sugar in half, but still makes the psyllium more palatable. Some folks use the Metamucil capsules, which also have no sugar, but I found that they didn't mix well enough with the stool to work properly.

I got a lot of gas with psyllium products. Some people are just sensitive to it, and it can be an irritant and mild purgative. The fiber used in Citrucel and Benefiber is different, so not likely to have those effects, just the bulking. In the end, none of them were that great for me, and just added more volume and increased trips. I do like the fiber gummies though for occasional thickening.



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I got the psyllium husk this weekend and can't tolerate it either . Very painful gas and bloating.  and even though it didn't have a flavor I found it didn't mix well and had a hard time gagging it down. Looks like more $ to try another. 

Jan do you have a hard time with fiberous foods as well? Because I don't do well with whole grain stuff either. 

I am fine with fiber in foods. But, I am 20 years post op, so plenty of time to adapt. Just remember that a diet high in insoluble fiber (like roughage of fruits, vegetables and whole grains) is not recommended early on as you adapt. Adjust to your own tolerance. There is no "rule," just what works for you.



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