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I have recently experienced episodes of acid reflux with bloating.  I find around this time, I get full fast whether is be from food or liquids.  It can be slightly uncomfortable especially when trying to sleep.  At this time, changing sleeping positions can bring on a quick run to the restroom where I projectile vomit.  

I called the doctors office after my first episode and was recommended that I start Cefdinir.  Doctor on call suspected  pouchitis, doubting it was a blockage as I wondered...

I do have pouchitis and am prescribed to take one every other day until a scope in December.  I know little about it but wonder if I'm antibiotic dependent... I've experienced some days of diarrhea on the days in between doses...

I have now experienced 3 episodes that led to vomiting.  I think this is something other that pouchitis- can anyone relate?

As always- thank you!  I appreciate this resource!


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Katie, I don’t think your vomiting is due to pouchitis. There are nearly 22 feet of intestine between your stomach and your J-pouch. You could be having a medication reaction, or perhaps some upper GI problem (e.g. gastric outlet obstruction or other kinds of indigestion). I can’t tell exactly how long this has been going on, so I can’t tell if something like food poisoning or infectious gastroenteritis is a possibility.

I’ve never heard of using cefdinir for pouchitis, nor have I heard of every other day dosing (but recommended treatments do change sometimes). If you trust your regular doctor to know about pouchitis you might try calling to speak specifically with him/her rather than whoever is on call.

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