Hi - I am a 31yr old man with 2 lovely kids and a very supportive wife.

I have had a J pouch now around 4 years suffered previously from colitis.

I cant really complain about my J Pouch, I know from this forum that a lot of people suffer a lot more than what I do, mine works great only suffer from trapped wind which I have learnt to deal with but we all have our good and bad days.

My main concern is I suffer from fatigue, joint aches, I'm easily frustrated and my concentration levels are poor.

My children are good children but I'm easily irritated and often snap at them for the smallest of things then feel really guilty for it.

At work I am falling asleep during my breaks and feel exhausted when I return home I have to push myself to help my wife with the kids.

When 7pm comes im falling a sleep on the couch.

I have tried vitamin tablets, I haven't been any any medication for over 3 years. I rarely see my GP about things as its too hard to explain about the J Pouch they don't seem to have any understanding about it.

I generally feel like an old man lol.

If anyone can suggest anything that may improve my energy levels that would be great,

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Hi Chris, 

First off, sorry...but I am going to say something that may shock you...it is not your fault!

You may just be suffering from dehydration. If you do not understand it or know what the signs are you may just be ignoring it.

Dehydration is insidious. It causes exhaustion, depression, pain in the legs and all of the joints, short-temperedness, sleepiness...the list goes on.

But dehydration is not just water but a mix of sodium (salt), potassium and other trace minerals. 

The first thing that you could do is start by keeping a water bottle mixed with some honey and lemon juice in it (I add mint)...it is very refreshing and  when you like what you drink you drink more.

You need more salt in your diet so that it keeps your body hydrated (but not too much).

You may also be anemic or be suffering from B12 deficiencies or other vitamins so get your blood work done and have a doctor look at it. 

A nutritionist could help you too. You may need more protein in your diet (it helps to build muscle and can help with your iron levels too) as well as more fruits and veggies.

Talk to a specialist. Soon. It is also important to make sure that there are no other underlying problems as well.

But do not worry too much about the exhaustion...yet. 

First, try increasing your fluid levels and eating a bit more red meat. Avoid sodas and sugary drinks. Alcohol can also dehydrate you so increase your fluids if you drink alcohol (orange juice?).

Exhaustion breeds exhaustion...meaning the less you do the less you feel like doing...So get up and go for a slow walk with the kids, bring water and salty snacks...the more you walk the more energy you will have and the better you will sleep. 

Let us know how you are doing.



Thanks for the advise Sharon and Lablover.

I am taking your advise on board and I have increased my water intake and trying to eat more healthily. My diet isn't too bad as it is, but there are ways that I could improve it.

I went to see the doctor he has give me a sick note for 2 weeks off work to try to rest and has taken bloods, they said they are giving me a full MOT hopefully find something not sinister.

Get the blood report Wednesday 12th oct sorry its taking me a while to reply.


hello Chris .   I read your post here and it seems to be a common problem with several person with autoimmune disorders. You can do a little research and you may surmise that the underlining cause is the over active immune system ( or some very complex inter actions , reactions with ones immune system and organs ) . Crohns and colitis are autoimmune disorders. I have had my J pouch sense 1995 and one of the problems I have still   is that I don`t   understand that       " I`ve been cured "    lol ???   Any how  I was gutted back then and so "cured" but, what triggered my immune system to attack my colon ?  I went through what sounds very similar to what your describing . The one symptom that is not a symptom common to some other ailments is the irritability. You may have to compare the symptoms from a few credible or, credited sources but, the irritability pretty much narrows it to one cause only . A over or under active thyroid ( getting to much adrenaline at times to make you irritable ) I was ( after 6 years) diagnosis-ed with Hashimoto`s thyroiditis. The blood test showed that my TSH  were out of the instruments range . I went misdiagnosed for toooooo looooong . I had figure out that there was a conflict of interest when I was not understanding that I was "cured" . Endocrinologist  specialize in this commonly misdiagnosed disorder.  Another thing that may make the row hard to plow is that the normal range of TSH levels had been widened to administratively not waste resources on less than serious enough symptoms or, condition ???  Any how it takes time and can be like plowing a gravel parking lot.  

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