Hi everyone - I was wondering if I could get some input on some strange symptoms I have been experiencing lately. I apologize if I am not posting in the correct forum, but so far Pouchitis is my only guess.
Some basic background info: I had the 3 part J-pouch surgery back in 2005. I had some complications with blockages in between the surgeries, but since take-down I have been in pretty good shape. For the first couple of years following my surgeries I would get pouchitis about once a year - and it would clear up just fin with antibiotics. My symptoms would be increased urgency, frequency, and sometimes a little bit of blood and skin irritation. The last time I had pouchitis was 2009, a few months after giving birth to my son. The only meds I currently take are cultrelle for a pro-biotic, a multi vitamin, and Wellbutrin for mild depression. I believe the Wellbutrin also helps me avoid irritable pouch syndrome (sort of like IBS). I also smoke marijuana in the evening - it helps several things such as sleeping through the night and joint pain.
That being said, here is what I have been experiencing the past few days:
My output has dramtically increased from the usual 6-10 a day (and 1-2 at night) to nearly 20 a day and about 5 at night. I also have to get to the bathroom right away. If I try to hold it I will either leak or literally feel and hear my gut churning. My stool is solid (kind of "puffy" stools if that makes sense), but my usualy output is more liquid based. I also feel like I am not emptying all the way - I often return to the bathroom a minute after leaving. It's strange - I feel like I am constipated! I am trying not to strain, but sometimes it is the only way I can get anything to come out. Other times it just falls out as soon as I sit down on the toilet. One would think that those symptoms would be what is bothering me the most, but it isn't - what is really bothering me is this feeling like there are rocks in my gut! I hope that makes sense. That must be the constipated feeling I get. And I just feel like the part of my pouch where my rectum used to be is just tired from spasms. It feels like it aches. It reminds me too much of my pre-surgery days. I also have butt burn - obviously from the increased frequency.
So does anyone have any thoughts? If it is pouchitis I am lucky enough to be able to just call my surgeon or G.I. doctor and have them call in a script for me. I live 2 hours away from both, so making an appointment is a big ordeal and I would rather avoid it if possible. However, I do not want to be overlooking anything. My last scope was 2009, so I may be in need of another one. It is just so disappointing because I have been doing so well!!! I am sure many of you know how I feel.
Oh! I almost forgot. This is most likely not pouch related, but for the past month I have been having a faint like pink discharge from my vagina. First time I noticed it was after sex, and then it happened again! Then I got my period (which was normal) and have been having a faint pink discharge ever since (about 2 weeks now). I have an appointment with an OBGYN on Friday. I am also overdue for a pap. Haven't seen an OBGYN since I was pregnant ... I know, shame on me - that is my own fault. This is a new doctor for me. I heard he is very good and has excellent bed-side manner. I HOPE he knows what a j-pouch is. I will be informing him what I have been experiencing with my pouch as well.
So LONG POST - sorry, but I just wanted to put all the facts out there. I hope what I have is just pouchitis, as I have responded well to antibiotics in the past. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar to this? Or does anyone have any ideas?
Thank you in advance! I really appreciate it.
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This sounds exactly like my pouchitis symptoms except I also get sharp, stabbing pains in my belly. If I were you, I would call the doctor to ask for a script right away and make an appointment for a scope since you haven't had one in awhile.

As for the vaginal discharge. That sounds like it could be normal discharge if your still menstrating. I have had a pinkish discharge in the past both before & after UC diagnosis. Still talk about with your Gyn when you see him/her. Doesn't hurt to question.

I hope you begin to feel better soon.
Thanks for the reply Karbear!
Well here is what happened. I called up my GI doc on Thursday and they were able to call in a prescription for Cipro & flagyl for me. I also have an appointment scheduled for September.
While I am sure I had pouchitis, I do believe it was caused from some rare circumstances. On Friday I went to my appointment with my OBGYN. He is a new doctor for me, and so far seems to be a great doc. Well I had my exam and to my embarrassment he actually found a tampon in there that I some how forgot about. I have never been so embarrassed in my life! And I have had a lot of embarrassing medical moments (as we all have, I'm sure!). While he was "down there" he goes "well I solved your problem" ... confusing statement until he explained! He says it happens a lot ... or he may have been trying to make me feel better. But what he thinks, and I am in agreement, was that the tampon caused an infection which carried over to my j-pouch and caused pouchitis. Makes complete sense!
I still can't believe what I did though! I am pretty sure I know how it happened too. I don't drink much at all now and a few months ago I was at a motorcycle event in Laconia, NH ... well I was a bit tipsy and perhaps forgetful ... but ewww! Shame on me.
Still though, I am glad it was an easy fix. And I am really glad I had an OBGYN appointment, or I could have became really sick! I am feeling much better already, and I hope to get over the ick factor soon!
ick ...

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