I have always had issues at night and I have been using Depend to contain the nighttime seepage, but the last few days this had gotten a lot worse and by the time I get up it's already seeped through the Depend and onto my pajamas and bed.

The only change I can attribute this to is the colder weather that we had the last few days, I'm thinking maybe I sleep deeper when it's cold and therefore don't wake up as I did before?

I searched online for such a theory but I have found nothing.
Anyone have any ideas what could be contributing to this?
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There are many things you are likely able to help control things with, but have you tried fiber wafers? Wondering if maybe there use may thicken things up enough that fecal incontenence may not be as much of an issue. May be worth a try (if you haven't already tried this route) as a first defense as it doesn't require any sort of drug or lifestyle change.

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