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Hey fellow j pouchers! This is my first time posting... I had my 2nd of the 3  J-pouch surgeries on November 28th- so about 3 weeks ago. After the first surgery (colon removal) I was feeling really good and back at yoga and the gym the 3 week mark (obviously just walking on the treadmill, but active and feeling energized and ready to get healthy for the 2nd surgery). By November I was fully back to work, life, exercise and feeling GREAT. This time around I am SO TIRED that all I want to do is sleep or just lie in bed. At first I thought it was just the recovery process and maybe some dehydration from so much output, but I think its the 8 pills of Limotil I am taking a day to stave off the aggressive diarrhea (#1 side effect is fatigue)... Anyone else experience this? Its just such a a stark contrast between how I feel after this surgery vs. the first one and the only change is the addition of Limotil. Any suggestions? I have added Metamucil into the mix (15 minutes before meals along with the Limotil), but I don't think I can stop taking the Limotil all together... Any suggestions  on alternatives, perhaps better times to take Limotil to help with fatigue or anything else would be so appreciated!


UC patient: diagnosed 22 years ago (used to take Entivio, Methotrexate and 20 mg Pednisone). Subtotal colectomy: August 2016, J Pouch creation: November 2016, Takedown surgery planned for February 2017. Currently taking Iron, .5mg Dexamethazone, 8 pills Limotil a day and Tylenol as needed.

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Personally, I think it is the surgery itself that is causing the fatigue. The j-pouch surgery is much more complex and traumatic than the colectomy. Three weeks is very early in your recovery.

It could be the lomotil, but I would not think so. But, like Scott suggested, you can try reducing the dose and see if it helps. 

Personally, I was fatigued for months post op. I did not take lomotil, but did take Imodium.


This is so helpful! Thank you! I have not taken any Limotol today and I am still wiped. I am hydrated enough, so I need to assume I am just healing I guess? I am so anxious to get back to the gym (a fav pastime before surgery) and start shedding this extra 10-15 lbs I have gained, but I really respect your opinions everyone- keep 'em coming! you all know so much more than any doctor I can ask, so thanks again.

I do get more energy in the afternoons, anyone else experience that? Super exhausted and hard to get out of bed, but once I do I can get a few things done before back to resting.

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