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i had my take down in February and continue to shoot fire, napalm and barbed wire out my butt but my biggest problem is that I don’t fart anymore?! I can only do so if going to the washroom?!?! The gas build up hurts and I do get blockages, but does this mean my plumbing is off? I’m so tired of the hospital and will eventually tell my story on here but know and respect the stories of everyone on here...

Thanks if you reply and I’ll eventually respond 



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Many of us have abandoned farting except on the toilet. The risk of a shart is just too high. That means that controlling gas is very valuable. Beano helps, but only for the specific foods it’s designed for. Other folks here have mastered farting with a J-pouch. Good luck.

Farting is a problem.  You need to be on the toilet to release the gas.  I've found that I can fairly safely fart at night in bed lying on my back or stomach, but it seems like this took some practice. I completely understand about the gas building up during the day.  It has caused me much discomfort and pain, but I'm a gassy person. When I'm finally on the toilet and release it, the windows rattle and the kids start crying. For some reason, I find joy in this.

Farting was a real probelm immediately after my takedown. I tried passing gas and stool would leak out along. But now as its getting firmer its easier to fart plus when there's gas in my j pouch the pressure is more than normal. I just move around a bit and relax my but gas comes out in an instant. Its all about your reflexes lol. I've trained myself to know when its gas and when poop. It took some time and leaks but I havent had any in the past week . Plus I found if you can pass gas without using toilet I can hold off much longer. I am going 6x a day now after a month of my takedown.

I often take simethicone (eg Gas X) to help gather the gas all up into one release. Then I make sure I'm laying in a way that the pouch is flat (can be on a couch, bed, floor) and then release. I find it more convenient than going to the toilet all the time. Also, sometimes I'll go on hands and knees and lift my butt up in the air for a while before turning over, lying down and releasing. Again, this seems to push the gas down into the pouch. Obviously this doesn't work well in a public place but I have been known to slouch down in a car seat to get the pouch flat and that has worked as well. Beano is a good idea..I had forgotten about that. Thanks Scott for the reminder. Good gas luck!

Thanks everyone for the replies! Got a few laughs from reading them because I’m starting to realize that this is the new me/us! 

This message board has been my saviour. It’s been such a long bumpy road and especially mentally for me but knowing I can come here is a comfort and my safe place. 

Thank you!


I fiind there are better products than Beano.  For example I buy 'Quest enzyme digest' from Amazon which seems to work well.  It has several enzymes and also peppermint which seem to help calm the gut!  Even better it's half the price of Beano.

If you want even more good news, you can also take it with Beano.  I've not properly tested this yet, but it seemed to work very well and both times I did it I had 0 gas... But that sounds like an expensive habit I don't want to get into.

I eat a lot of veggies, so I tend to have the quest enzymes each meal and Beano if I eat a big bowl of homemade vegetable soup (which I try to do very regularly)

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