So, it doesn't happen often, almost never to be honest but on the very rare occasion that it does...whoohoo. It lets loose. Feels like my valve has flipped backwards on itself or that something got stuck in the valve...either way, hubby jumped about 3 feet off of the sofa when he heard the fart...(think wet trumpet sound)...gave me the strangest look, sort of like 'it wasn't me, who could it be?'...and then realized that it was me...not sure who was more scared.

I hot-footed it to the bathroom.No leakage, no problem since ...but between you, me and the cat...It scared me. 

It always scares me that this is 'the start of something else'...

Wish I had a camera to catch hubby's face when it happened.


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That’s funny and scary at the same time! Glad there wasn’t a leak or any other surprises! 

O had horrible gas pains on the way home from work today and was wondering why we can’t fart like normal people. I think we have enough muscle to keep stool in but maybe not gas? So weird, but hey, I’d go with it! Maybe it’s bc you e put in your dues for so many years (post surgery)! 


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