Hello everyone.   I had my IPAA done in 1999 after 7 years of UC.   Things were going really well with just a couple bouts of Pouchitis between 2001 & 2011.  Then in 2012 I started to get some abscesses and fistulas that required some seton drains.   This continued thru the beginning of 2014 and they started to clear up.  Unfortunately, since November of 2017 I have been experiencing some painful ulcerations externally that don’t seem to heal unless he puts me on a Cipro/Flagyl cocktail.  It will clean it up but they always return.   In the past he would prescribe me some pain medication to assist with the problem but since Florida adopted some stronger opioid laws in July, he seems really reluctant to prescribe me anymore.   I kind of feel he thinks I am some opioid script seeker and is not willing to have to take the extra steps the law requires now.  Thought I had a great surgeon that really cared about me, but not so much now.  Trying to find out if anyone has experienced these external ulcers in the anal area and what has helped you thru them.   


thanks so much

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I have a pain medication suggestion. I found that my surgeon and GI didn't want to handle anything more than a short course of pain medication, like after surgery. My primary physicians have been the ones that deal with opioid prescriptions. My state's laws require a new prescription every month so I have to have contact with my doctor and pick it up at his office. 

In some states even primary doctors no longer want to jump through the hoops the law requires and refer patients to pain management offices. 

Since your pain keeps recurring you might want to do as I do.

If you live in a state with medical marijuana you might want to try that. I hear it helps and is easier on our livers.


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