I used to take an effexor XR  before my j pouch surgery. I was told that extended release does not work with a j pouch. Has anyone ever heard this? Also does anyone have problems with extended release medicine?

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It is likely to pass through your system before it fully dissolves. My system is definitely fast enough that almost any time released meds don't work properly. If you have a very slow transet time with things you eat you may be ok. Most pouchers are told this about time released meds/vitamins.

Just depends on the XR formulation of the particular med.  I’d poop out undissolved 60 or 80 mg oxycontin, but never had this happen with 300 mg Wellbutrin XR.
If you’re finding pills or caps in your stool, you need shorter acting meds, perhaps liquid, transdermal or sublingual formulas.  

Someone on this site mentioned an apple-cider vinegar test where you drop the pill into the vinegar and wait 20 mins...if it doesn't dissolve then it will not dissolve in your gut...I am not sure how reliable the test is or if anyone has tried it but you could test it on some of those coated capsules...

I have peeled pills, crushed others and opened up still others...But you must ask your pharmacist if that is advisable or not...they would be the first person to speak with and ask if there is a non-protected or non-slow-release version of your meds.



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