I recently moved; when unpacking one of the stray boxes the other day, I found an unopened 56 count bottle of imodium from Costco that I forgot I had, I guess because I really don't use imodium that often anymore. Unfortunately, it expired December 2011. I'm sure it's still good but in general, how long is imodium still potent past its shelf expiry? It will probably take me a while to go through 56. *LOL*
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I think the expirstion date signals when you can expect a loss of potency to begin. I would think that at 7 months past expiration there is a minimal loss, not enough to chuck the meds. Why don't you try one and see how much relief it provides. If it is half as potent, double up the dosage. Just a guess on my part but I think you are probably going to have better than 50% potency and maybe close to 100%.
Most meds are good at least a year or more past the date (even a decade or more in many cases), paticularly if stored correctly (tight lid and not exposed to heat). The date is not truely an expiration, but a guarantee of potentcy

Thanks Jan, I didn't know that! Never had an issue with out of date imodium yet, I use it too fast i guess :P
Thanks everyone. I figured it would be good for a while still, I just wasn't sure exactly how long, given that it already expired 7 months ago. But actually, I do recall reading somewhere that medication such as Tylenol is still good even 2 years past the shelf expiry, while cough syrup generally has a shorter shelf life, though that tends to be due to the other, non-medical ingredients which may go rancid. Anyway, imodium costs a pretty penny, even at Costco. Definitely no reason to toss it. Smiler

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