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i am 7 weeks out from my surgery and was wondering how people went with exercise once they were cleared by their surgeon.. Pre-surgery i was running, cycling and weight training. Can i do these? Obviously easing in.. nobody wants a hernia! But i cant really see any advice for people wanting to get back into exercise very slowly!

Do people wear hernia vests, or the like?


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I was told by my doctor not to do exercises that involved using the med section. Which is a shame as I have a small paunch that I'd like to get rid of. I also purchased exercise equipment that targets the med section so I wasted my $.  I wish I would have checked with him first.

I would think the running I suppose is fine and I would think that cycling would be too. As I don't think they use the abdominal region.

I don't know much about weight training to comment on it but I have 3 lb hand weights that I use to strengthen my arms a bit and a pedicycle for my legs. I didn't ask him about either but since using those things doesn't entail using my abdominal section, I'm thinking it's fine.

What does your doctor say about it? I would check with him/her before doing anything. Good luck! Mary

Just to be clear did you have a J pouch or k pouch?   There is a difference relative to the amount of core exercises that are advised post up.  with the J pouch I had no restrictions and did considerable amount of core exercises. I recently had a k pouch revision and was told to lay off the core exercises for six months And only do gentle yoga – – whatever that is I never figured out. If I’m going to remain functional I need to use my core and the physical therapy I’m involved in for my back and other problems involves core exercises. So I do them.  i do yoga  

 I do wear an  abdominal support when  exercise and  maintenance work on the house.  The doctor gave me one that was eight or 9 inches tall, which didn’t work for variety reasons. I got one that is 4- 5 inches, I cinch it in a bit at the waist and it is very helpful/supportive. 

Start slowly, monitor how you feel and go from there. You know your body better than the doctor does – – right?

I've got a k pouch that has had more revisions than I can remember...hernias (4-6), peristomal hernias (3), falling off of the wall (3xs +)...the list goes on...not to mention all of the valve problems.

So, do I do abs? Yes...core exercises, pilates, yoga...the whole 9 yards.

But, I have learned that I need to allow my body to heal completely first, to not think that I am superwoman, that I can lift, bend, yank, stretch etc like before...I need help until I don't and I need to remember that this pouch is precious...and I do not want yet another revision.

So, whatever the doctor says, double it just to be sure...



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