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Just wondering if the evenings are worse for anyone?  Joe feels pretty good in the mornings but by 6-7 at night, he is done, his anus is throbbing and painful.

it doesn't seem to matter the number of bowel movements he had during the day. He goes about every 3-4 hours. Wondering if walking too much could be an issue, He does about 8000 steps a day at work.

He is only 2 months into his takedown and maybe he just needs more time to heal. I'm hoping that is the case.

Thank you.

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Yes, even 18 years later, I still experience this sometimes.  It depends on what else is going on.  If there are irritated hemorrhoids or fissure, it's especially bad.  Sometimes it's just the consistency or acidity of the output.  Powdered psyllium husk (a small amount especially for when you first start) before eating helps coat and soothe the tissues before the rest comes out.  Aloe directly applied to the anus can help a ton- for me it soothes the tissue immediately, helps protect for the next movement, and assists with healing.  I get an organic one with few ingredients by "Badger".  Fresh aloe from the plant is the best because it doesn't have other potential irritants.  "Calmoseptine" can be great in soothing and cooling the tissue and protecting it, but for some people it seems to be too intense.  Plain witch hazel, alcohol free, can also help soothe and clean the irritated tissue.  I always follow that up with one of the above mentioned items.  I also have used "Fissure" homeopathic oil by "Forces of Nature."  I recommend using a bidet and patting dry with toilet paper or a cloth instead of rubbing with toilet paper (which is kind of like sand paper to irritated tissue).  I have a hand-held, cold-water one (I live in central TX-so much of the year the cold water isn't that cold) that I got on Amazon.  It is like this:

Pelvic Floor Therapy is a fantastic idea. My GI offered it to me 6 months post takedown.  Unfortunately it was next to impossible to get an appointment with a therapist. There was like a 6 month waiting list.

By the time my name came to the top of the queue, my pelvic floor had recovered sufficiently that I felt I no longer needed it.

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