My evenings have recently been very bad wiht 8-10 bms - usually have 4 at night. My wife cooked twice in a row food with paprika and red pepper( powder) my bms went through the roof. are spices like this a cause for increased bms.

My second issue is that the lying down position increasesd my bms. Does anyone have the same problem and what solution can there be. Couls it be that the puch itself is badly placed and needs a intervention from my doctor?




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Your body and pouch are very individual but yes, certain spices can stimulate output, gas and irritation.

It is possible that both of you don't like paprika or red peppers (sort of the same thing)...Avoid them for a few days to see if it is you or your wife's cooking!



Spices can definitely irritate your guts. It's so individual. Certain spicy food actually helps me out. However, even the same spices cooked with different food (that I usually tolerate) will keep me planted in the bathroom.

I have the same issues with lying down. Basically, my guts seem more willing to move when I'm in bed. Also, I can only safely pass gas when I'm on my back.

Most nights I'll try to sleep, then feel urgency for the bathroom. I'll sit for 10+ minutes on the toilet and not be able to pass anything. I get frustrated, go back to bed, and immediately feel the urgency again.

My doctors have said that's just part of the anatomy. My pouch seems to be very well-constructed, but still very temperamental. There may be no good solution.

I'd try a more bland diet for a couple of days and see how you get on. If your BMs are still much higher than usual, maybe get in touch with your doctor to discuss the possibility of pouchitis. Also, in terms of lying down, some people have mentioned in the past that lying on their back rather than the side helps. Worth a shot!

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