Had jpouch excision and barbie butt surgery 3 months ago with many major complications and a month long hospital stay. Finally thought i was on the recovery path until last week when the perianal pain increased dramatically and an abscess burst. So i just returned today from CC for an EUA for these perieneal wound healing problems. Now all of the poking, probing, draining and slicing has taken me back to the pain level i had six weeks ago and back on the antibiotics. When does this ride ever stop? Its pretty bad when the preop and postop nurses at a such a huge hospital remember you from previous visits.
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I take it as a compliment when the nurses remember me, lol.

I don't know when it will end as I'm still having problems. Seems like you almost get one thing taken care of and something else you didn't expect would happen does.

Take care - we have not gone through all of this to quit fighting!
So sorry to hear of this newest complication, Liz. 3 months of this roller coaster ride is just too long. Feel better soon!
I'm so sorry to hear you're having so many complications. I hope this Big House visit is the one that fixes everything right up.

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