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Since I couldn't find anything on this, I wanted to start a topic.


Post-op I had really severe erectile pain. Note, this is not absolutely not ED, but a very strong pain that occurred during erection. It was really alarming and I even booked a urologist visit. About one month after surgery I saw significant improvement and since then there has been more improvement. I believe that the pain was related to both the foley catheter and the ureter stents put in place during the operation.


I just want anybody who is experiencing this to know that it is probably normal and should get better.

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Yes, this can occur. Most likely it is due to nerve trauma from swelling. The catheter and stents possibly contributed, but probably not in a major way. This is why it improves with time. The nerves of sexual function pass through the same area as the rectal dissection. While nerve sparing techniques have vastly improved over the decades, sometimes there is some trauma from local swelling and/or stretching during the procedure. Nerves can take up to a year to repair reversible damage. As long as things improve, then that is a good thing. I can only imagine how terrible it must be to have something pleasurable be painful! Glad you are doing well.



I had the Foley catheter but no such pain- only a short burst of pain, sort of a burning sensation, when the catheter was removed.  I got an erection within 24 hours of that catheter coming out, and it was pain free.  What I remember most was the tremendous relief just to have that first postsurgical erection, because my surgeon had warned me of the possibility of impotence and had STRONGLY recommended I bank my sperm.  I felt like celebrating at that moment, but there was unfortunately nobody to celebrate with as I lay alone in my hospital bed.

I’ve had painful erections since surgery and some performance issues. Most notably, there is a deformity to my penis. The middle of the shaft gets thinner slightly. I’m gay and have been able to enjoy sex but have a good deal of anxiety surrounding it. I’ve been to a urologist once who just gave me a viagra scrip and told me to wait and see. I will be going back, but not to that urologist.

Has this happened to anyone on here? I’d appreciate any wisdom found on this. 

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