I am using it now for nearly a year. I had chronic pouchitis for years now. The result is a mixed bag for me. Initially it helped to reduce my symptoms but did not resolve them. However a pouchoscopy showed a nearly perfect pouch (compared to  a badly inflamed, ulcerated one last year). That was very encouraging. After a few months the symptoms  increased  and I assumed the drug stopped working and I went to do another pouchoscopy, however once again it showed a nearly perfect, healed pouch. So the drug certainly is able to clinically clean up or stop the inflammation but it does not address the root cause of this disease, which still causes urgency, frequent bathroom visits and discomfort. Now I take  Amitriptyline, that helps a bit controlling urgency, but still not enough.






initially i was responding to antibiotics, Rifaximin was able to put me in remission, to a half year or so. Cypro was providing shorter term relief. But ultimately i became antibiotic resistant.

Then I used 6MP that was also helping but not enough and I could not maintain a therapeutic dose, my white cell count went too low. After that I tried Entyvio.

I stopped taking Rifaximin a year ago because I had been on it since 2003 and was having distention issues. (went to Mexico to get it before it was available here.) The distention cleared up but my recent pouchoscopy showed severe inflammation and ulcerations.  I consulted a doctor other then my own and also my own. Both recommended Entyvio. But I had an allergic reaction to remicade and was hospitalized for 12 days and required open lung biopsies and other horrible tests so I am trying to stay away from biologics.  Both doctors agreed I could try rifaximin again and in two weeks add VSL3. Apparently there was a study for treating pouchitis with an exact protocol of 1 gram daily of rifaximin followed by VSL3 so I will try that first. I am also trying hard to get into FMT studies for pouchitis or get FMT treatment as I believe that will help the most.


I'm about to try Entyvio for pouchitis so was looking for support as I am absolutely scared stiff st the prospect of taking it!  I'm obsessed about getting infections which might spread round my body and affect my two hip replacements!   I'm at a loss as to what to do for the best. 

Thanks for listening.  

Two different GI doctors I have spoken to have told me Entyvio is a plan B after plan A, Remicade, is proven not to work. This may be due to the fact that Remicade has been around longer and there are more studies showing its effectiveness. Entyvio is a newer drug which has been less studied.

Remicade hasn't failed me but if it does Entyvio is on deck as the next batter up.

I believe that you are much better off with Entyvio and you should feel lucky if it works. If you look at serious complications with Entyvio on drugs.com: nothing has been reported so far, with Remicade there is a very long list... if an anecdotal  case  is of any encouragement, I am getting Entyvio for 1.5 years, so far no side effects, whatsoever. A heard about a number of cases with allergic reactions, but those were treated routinely  and it happens at or very shortly after infusion, when you are under supervision. 


I'm really curious about this. I believe Entyvio is the brand name of vedolizumab? I was in a critical trial for vedo before I had the surgery, and it did nothing for me. Some have said on this forum (maybe not in this thread) that biologics act differently on a pouch than on a sick colon. So I would be willing to try vedo for increasingly chronic symptoms (not quite pouchitis but not quite healthy). However, in Canada (where I am), it seems vedolizumab is still in clinical trial for pouchitis, and there is a chance I would only get placebo. I have an appointment with my GI next week and I plan to ask him about this (he's already suggested I go into the trial for vedo), but I was hoping someone here might know the answer. It sounds like Entyvio is available in the US for pouchitis. Is it covered by your insurance, or do you pay out of pocket for it? I did Remicade for a while for my UC and was lucky enough to have it covered by my insurance (didn't pay a penny past my small annual deductible).

Any answers would be most helpful, thanks!

I have had my J-Pouch for almost 10 years and have developed ulcers above the pouch.  My doctor has given me 3 options: (1) to do nothing, (2) try a Hyperbaric chamber treatment or go on Entyvio treatments.  After investigating the hyperbaric chamber treatment which is not FDA approved, I am down to doing nothing and hoping for the best or Entyvio.  For those who are on the treatment, does anyone travel or have had problems with getting sick after the treatment?   My job has me working in schools and hospitals quite a bit.  My wife and I also travel by airline quite a bit from December through April.  I do not want to give up the travel but also want to make sure I am taking care of myself.

Everyone is differ but I just was on the Entyvio and it didn't work for me, I'm so tired of everything not working. I'm back in steroids.  Packing that weight on,,,ugh

Yea the next step is oxygen shots.I'm not  to sure abt that either....Wish u luck 

I've been on  Entyvio for 2 years and am doing great check my bio I've been on everything and after the horrible remicade experience I cried and cried but it was this or pouch removal I'm actually allergic to Entyvio so I get premeds with bendryl and solumderol I have some side effects but nothing awful good luck 

PS I rarely get sick in fact I've been around a germy baby the last year and picked up nothing I've also traveled 

in the beginning before I got the pre meds I'd be off for a few days dizzy tired headache but it has gotten much better

lots of people have no problems 

I’m on Medicare and they cover it. When researching insurance companies tell them your on this drug to make sure they will cover it. If you qualify Entyvio Conect might be able to help cover the cost. You can call them. Info in the Entyvio website. 

3 years already👍

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