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I'm out of ideas what this could be and what to do. But it's really affecting my day-to-day now. About 6 days ago it started and came on with the all liquid BMs. Had the heart burn and the butt burn. Took Lomotil that night, and one more dose the next day. The liquid cleared up. Now regular BMs, but with huge amounts of gas. You know when you can hear and feel it in your abdomen, then on the toilet it is like the horn section of a band? Anyways, it's making me go many times a day.  Which of course makes the tender tissues very ouchy when you wipe.

The gas is pushing things around so it's making noisy and uncomfortable BMs about 8ish times a day, usually close together. This all started with stress, or salad. I'm not sure. But I've been trying to eat low trouble foods for days but the bowel is still puffed up with air. Any ideas of what the heck is going on and what I could do to resolve it?

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I'm also in really bad pain right inside the anal area. So if anyone could advise, that would really be helpful. I'm on liquids now because of the fear of more pain.

You may have just picked up a virus, which will clear up on its own. If it persists you could have something harder to get rid of, like C. Diff. I hope it goes away soon!

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