This is not a major problem, but I'm wondering if it is just me.  Ever since my J Pouch was built I've had minor trouble emptying my bladder.  In the hospital it was thought to be a post-surgical problem.  But after 10 months I still have to work at emptying, especially after I've just emptied my pouch.  Sometimes I will empty the pouch then wash up and fix my clothing only to realize I still have to go #1.   I have to really concentrate and make sure my bladder is empty.  You could call it a post-menopause or other aging issue, but it started exactly after surgery.  

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HI!  I have had the exact same problem.  I do find that if I drink larger quantities of water, peeing without emptying my pouch becomes easier.

I am 8 months post take-down and when my pouch is off (as if I was in a UC flare, straining horribly, spending  too much time on the toilet, etc) peeing is very difficult. When the straining is at it's worse, peeing is almost impossible.  It eventually becomes normal again but it can take a while.

Best of luck!!!!

I have had my j pouch almost 35 years and have this problem.  I thought it was because I used so many muscles to control my loose stools that I'm unable to fully empty my bladder. 

I had surgery for urethral diverticula about 10 years post OP and testing a few years ago that showed I was not emptying my bladder.

I just assumed it had to do with j pouch surgery just like all the other complications I've had. I've learned to live with it.🙂


Girlunky, I had this for a little while after surgery, but it passed (certainly before 10 months). Many people report that they choose to pee *every* time they poop, but you’re clearly having a different experience. I do find it a useful challenge/exercise to pee when I could poop, but prefer to delay that, but that’s also not exactly what what you’re describing. I think ACCEPT IT is on to something with the idea that we may be prone to clenching more muscles than are needed to hold in the stool, and unclenching may get more difficult without carefully managed practice. If that’s the case then my approach (of peeing first, essentially) might help over time by better separating these sets of muscles. It can’t directly correct any structural issues, but it could be one way to better train the tools we have.

Thanks everyone for your bladder info. I too have had problems in this area and am continually on antibiotics for UTI’s. Which I might add did not have before surgery . In reading some of your comments I think my problem is because I’m not emptying my bladder properly. So maybe it’s #1 first and then #2 second.  Drink more water, relax and “learn to live with it”. Thankyou for all your advice. This j-pouche Group is so helpful to me and has been a life saver helping me to know that I’m not alone with my bowel issues.  I wish you all a very Happy New Year in 2020. 🌷 And Thankyou. 

I am at 16 years with my pouch and still have that problem.  Pretty much after sitting down and emptying I stand up and pee.  Other times I feel I have to pee and head to the bathroom only to have to sit down and empty my pouch first.  It also depends on how much water I drink throughout the day.

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