Good Weekend all, well I almost made through my first week back to work full time without having any incidents. However, at 3pm on Friday I did have a meltdown with one of the managers. He just kept pushing and pushing me all week then on Friday wouldn't give up and I pretty much lost it with him. I was hoping that my co-workers would appreciate the fact that I came back full time and gave it my all but no one seemed to tak that into consideration. My mornings were good but afternoons very tiring and lots of bathroom trips. I think for awhile I may need to find a part time job working like 8am to noon. We will see. Otherwise I am doing pretty good. Having a b-day party at my house today at 2 for my 1yr old great nephew then attending a baby shower tomorrow. Will take lots of rests in between though.Thanks for all the support !
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You're a trooper pushing through a full time work week this soon after your surgery! With only one meltdown on friday afternoon I'd say you did pretty good. The reason your co-workers seem unimpressed with your quick return is most likely due to the fact none of them have had a major surgery and they have no clue how hard it is and the recovery that's involved. Keep it up and it should only keep getting easier.
Hi Holly,

I can understand what you're going through with work right now. I'm
getting ready to have surgery in a week and have been trying to get
all the loose ends tied up so everything is covered while I'm laid up.
My managers and co workers are having a hard time understanding
of why I just can't give them an exact date of when I'll be back on
the job.

There's already a list of projects being deferred until I return and I
know the expectation is that I'll be fine and ready to go when I walk
in through the door. The downside of the economy we're
surviving in right now I guess. No mention has been made of hiring
a temp while I'm out, everything is being shifted onto other peoples
srf1- same thing happened at my job, didn't hire a temp and distributed my work load to others. They just didn't understand either why I was so wiped out the end of my first week. I just hope your job will be more sympathetic to you than mine was. Good luck to you .
had a much better day today at work. Had a good talk with the office manager and she promised things would change and they would have more consideration and empathy for me when I am really tired towards the end of the day or have alot of bathroom visits. I had a busy weekend with alot of family events and did really well. I am hoping things continue to improve every day.
I am so impressed with you, Holly! To not bury your concern but share it with those "in charge" took courage. Your co-workers needed to have their eyes opened! Hang in there! Things will improve. Grab a few minutes of rest whenever you can until your stamina returns. Best wishes!

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