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Hi, everyone. I was doing so well for 6 years after cancer surgery. My j pouch worked beautifully. Twelve days ago I ended up in emergency with a painful blockage which I thought was food bolus and would pass, but my doctor said I need supportive care and IV fluids and told me to head to the Emergency Room.

After a CT scan, I ended up in emergency surgery where they opened up my old site and performed lysis, and removed a lot of adhesions in a 3 hour surgery.

Recovery was hard, I suffered horrific acid reflux that was so bad I begged for an NG tube. It went in for 2.5 days, much relief. The “vacuum” removed almost 2 litres of sludge. They put me on clear fluids, then low residue diet. I produced bile, solid stool, and passed gas. After 10 days, my doctor was pleased enough to send me home with hydromorphone pain management.

Once I got home the twisting and cramping became unbearable. I took 2.5 hydromorphone over 10 hours, which dulls the cramps but does not touch what I think are gas pains.

The problem is I have not passed gas at all for 12 hours. No stool either. Not even the urge. I am very frightened. I haven’t eaten much, just sips of clear soup, and sips of water. I’m afraid of acid reflux if I drink too much. I am burping actively as soon as I sip water. The idea of an NG tube again is a nightmare.

I was given Restorilax in case of constipation but I have not taken it yet, hoping things can move on its own.

If I was producing stool and gas in hospital, why has it stopped at home? The cramping on a pain scale of 1 - 10 is a 9 at least. It comes in waves. I do not feel nauseous, and I have not vomited. I can walk with great difficulty.

Would it be safe to take some Restorilax? Or something else? Wait it out?

Thank you, everyone.

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I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s possible that the hydromorphone slowed things down too much. If you are withholding fluids to try to prevent acid reflux you could get all kinds of problems, including constipation. You could have new or remaining adhesions causing a new blockage.

I don’t know at this point if the Restorilax will help - it might be worth a try. You could consider a half dose just to see how it goes. If you can’t tolerate enough fluid then you probably need to be in a hospital, even if only for IV fluid.

Thank you, Scott. Last night I coughed and suddenly had to vomit. I didn’t have any warning or urge, just sudden vomit and luckily was near my bathroom. It came out as bright green bile. A lot of it. I felt slightly better afterward. The vomiting came even after almost no food, just water and a bite of toast with egg salad for protein and carb.

I am slowly sipping 1/2 cups of homemade strained tomato and chicken broth (thanks to my sister) and able to keep it down. The painful twisting of my gut has calmed down to a level 4, thank heaven for that. I have stopped hydromorphone, and will take Tylenol only if needed. No gas or stool yet. It’s been 24 hours. I am always reassured by your thoughtful responses, Scott.

I am back in the emergency room. I spoke to a public health nurse who reviewed my symptoms, especially the green bile vomit, and advised me to seek medical attention within four hours, so I headed back to emergency, as no doctor would be available on a Sunday afternoon. Was processed FAST, no waiting 8 hours. More like 15 minutes. I suspect I will be admitted overnight with IV fluids. It’s funny how you can be thankful for the simplest things like a cool autumn day, pancakes, vegetable stew, a lake, and a fart. Just a simple little fart.

What an awful experience, your h9me experience sounds a bit like an ileus. I had a few post op even after my bowels had woken up, they then proceeded to go back to sleep. The pain meds definitely don’t help things but I understand how hard it is when you are in so much pain. Glad you are back in hospital, sounds like where you should be. Hopefully this is a one off blockage incident that you can leave behind you.

I’ve been admitted and have another NG tube in my nose. My second in 10 days. They did a CT scan with contrast dye. Nothing is worrying, just that my bowels decided the sudden surgery and manipulation, etc., was all too much and they went to sleep. My first question was about my J pouch. They said it looked fine. Just a lot of gut distension and small blocks, even though I barely ate a slice of toast. I’m on IV fluids and NG tube. I suspect I’ll be here a few days.

I’ll try to update so that others can learn from my experience. The NG tube going in was not as bad as I thought. You just need to tuck your chin on your chest (something anatomically happens to help the tube go down easily) and sip water when they tell you to help the tube slide down. I didn’t gag or retch. The discomfort comes from feeling something in my throat, like a sore throat when you have flu. Don’t be afraid of NG tubes. The instant relief from acid reflux and distension it brings is worth it.

So sorry for this mess...try to walk as much as helps. If you can't exactly walk, try bouncing up & down on your toes while keeps your guts moving or at least can help to get them started again.

I never had an ileus until my mid-40's, dozens of abdominal surgeries and zip...then I had a pouch valve redo and everything was fine until it wasn't.

For some reason, your guts decide sometimes that they need a break and go to sleep after major trauma. They will come back but you need to be gentle with your guts, careful what you eat...they had emergency surgery, major trauma, and are pissed off and showing it!

Massaging your abdomen gently, deep breathing, and heat all help! Also good smells seem to help stimulate your intestinal tract.

Good luck


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