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Hi!!!  Does anyone else seem to get pouchitis anytime they try to eat healthy (no fried foods, lots of raw veggies, eating only complex carbs and no white pasta/rice etc.)?


I don't get pouchitis often (every couple of years).  But when I do, it seems to be in conjuction with a diet change.  


Am I the only one?  Any thoughts or recommendations???  Please advise.


-Damned if I do, damned if I don't (staying healthy)

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I do! I was just talking about this with a friend today. 


Everytime I try and eat healthly, fruits, veggies, high protein, low carb. It has a bad reaction on me. I am usually fine for the first week or two, then it is all down hill. 


I would really love to lose 15 pounds, but I just don't know how that is going to happen. i cut back on my food and still nothing. So I completely understand. 

Not pouchitis (I don't get it very often) but an irritated pouch when I do sudden diet changes especially overdoing certain fruits or veggies (persimmons, pumpkins, carrots etc all orange kills me).

Whole grain pasta turns to concrete in my pouch and I might as well call the ambulance before eating whole grain rice. 

Moderation, especially when changing diet, is the word.

I have my go-to diet whenever I have overdone anything...soups (blended), probiotic yoghurts, no carbs (fine, occasional rice or English muffins) and a bit of juice.

It is all trial and error for us.


Thank you for sharing!!  Yes, I have the same issues... not so much with getting pouchitis, but I absolutely have issues when I try and eat "healthy".  My "safe" diet is the bland diet we all were recommended before/after our surgeries... the white rice, bread, bananas, etc.  Those foods do not cause any issues for me.  However, veggies absolutely kill me... salads go straight through - undigested.  I can't even have a salad before  dinner without having to run to the bathroom before my meal arrives at a restaurant!  It's crazy.


Because of this, I've had a difficult time trying to lose weight, or to consider a "diet".    I'm sure I need to see a dietician/nutritionist... but how do you find one that is familiar with the needs of someone with a pouch.  (Also, not to mention, I'm a picky eater) 


-- Linda

Slowly add veggies. Salad still goes through me almost the same as going in but it doesnt stop me from eating a giant bowl. I worked up to it and try to have my salad at lunch but even a dinner it's through by bed time.  It doesn't cause discomfort. 


I find squash and melons easy on my system. 


I have lost 12lbs since dec 29th. I make sure burn more calories then I eat. I work out 4 times a week, walk 2-5km 5 times a week. I eat protein with every meal and snack. Low fat cottage cheese, no fat Greek yogurt, hummus. 

Like Allykat, certain carbs are the only thing that make my pouch feel good (I have a BCIR)  Specifically Fettuccine Alfredo.Lately though, I have tried to increase my Carbs by adding a daily Baked Potato, since I have been trying to significantly increase my daily activities through bicycle riding long distances.  My pouchitis has gotten terrible, and I think it is the Potatoes; so I will take them out of my diet and go back to more Alfredo.  I have also had what seems to be good luck with white flour tortillas in thickening things up to prevent leakage.  Too soon to tell.  One of my biggest problems now is that because of the increased exercise, I am wiped out 100% of the time;  I think this is because of Short Bowel Syndrome.  So I have a dillema...What the heck can I eat to avoid pouchitis and at the same time replenish my carbs before and after exercise considering my short bowl.  I can't live off of Alfredo, but am not able to eat ANY vegetable...  Tough to figure out, but I do know the Alfredo keeps me from hurting.

Since I started on Entyvio last year I can eat ANYTHING! Sometimes if I eat too many veggies I might need to take a fiber pill but that's it! No more pouchitis and min bathroom trips! I'm even sleeping thru the night! Omg 17 years of misery. Believe me I'm the last person in the world to take meds but it was this or lose my pouch. Exercise, better than ever and I'm old, lol. Good luck to all! I hope I get a good run on this drug or die before!

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