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Hi, It's been ages since I've been on this site - always helpful in the past.  Is the there anyone who take opiates to help with diarrhea?   I've been on it for over 6 years - not sure if it is still helping at this point and I am scheduled for an appointment at Mass General on July 17th so see what's new, if anything so that I can start weaning of the Codeine.  I find out today that codeine at my pharmacist is now on back order indefinitely.  The pharmacy recommends Opium Tincture. Is anyone using that tincture now and with what kind of results or in the past.  Thank you for your time!! I need to have this script filled ASAP as I know what the side effects can be from not taking the codeine.

Thanks NAncy

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I’m also on opium tincture (script from dr. Shen ) yes it works. I take a very small amount ( 1/3 of the smallest dosing syringe that you get from drugstore when you get any liquid) I take it twice a day—stops cramping within 30 minutes. I take it with water—the taste leaves something  to be desired!

drugstore usually has to order it.

In my opinion, the opiate restrictions have gotten out of hand. I currently take tincture of opium and it works wonders. Gentle. Immodium constipated me. My new gastro will not prescribe opium and my family doc, who has been doing it after my old gastro retired, is now retiring. I have a consult with the new gastro Monday and will ask about alternatives. I really like her, but if we cannot find something that agrees with my body, I will need to find someone who will. 

I hope morphine works for you. I have never taken it so cannot give advice there.

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