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Hope all of you are healthy and doing well. Finally had the third and last surgery done for the jpouch, the drop down surgery. Went well, some pain but no where nearly enough as the second surgery when they made the j pouch. Sure felt awesome to come home today and have a nice hot shower and a good nap in my own bed. So far, haven't had any pain or issues or but burn when it comes to going to the bathroom at all. Now I start to re introduce foods back into my diet and all that. Just wanted to thank so many of you for your kindness and all the extremely valuable information you have given to so many of the questions I have asked. Gotta say that it is astonishing how many people have this surgery and have been sick with the UC. I'm just so glad to get my life back. One day at a time. Doc said I'll be laid up for 6-8 weeks with no lifting to avoid a hernia and to have it all heal up. So glad I initially had the first two surgeries in late fall and over the winter. It sure helped to have such a fantastic surgeon. From what he told me, he's done over 800 j pouches. Life is good. I know it isn't going to be such an easy ride, but it sure beats the heck out of living in hell with the devastation of Ulcerative colitis anymore.

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Now I don't know exactly where you pain is located.

But I've had obstructions. Just a heads up before I say anything else.  I had them with my temporary ileo mostly

Anyway. I don't have a pouch and never had one with it. I have an end ileo now. No obstructions with either.

Back in February of this year.  I started having pain below the stoma. Inside. I thought for sure it was one. Never had one in the over 5 years with it. So I did the normal.

Drink... Move... Drink. Pain just go worse . 4th day in at midnight I went to the er. They couldn't find anything. Put me in the hospital. Two days. And all the tests . Nuthin.

The only thing they said my gallbladder has to come out.

I said no!  They also said one of the ducts from the g-bladder looked swollen. (had the tests)

That's all I got.  Really. I got nothing.

So I figured it passed a stone. What else could it have been?  It felt so much like an obstruction and if you've had one they hurt bad. Now I've never had a stone pass. Maybe in the road driving. Lol.

But I didn't get any information at all.  I'm still upset about it. And they got 35 grand from insurance. What a joke.

I hope you have had yours clear up by now. That kind if pain is intolerable.


Good to hear mate,my advice is to put a nappy rash cream on every morning after showering and dont wait for the butt burn to start,also calmoseptine  and a travel bidet are great the first couple of months and a hair dryer.Im 7 months out and go to the toilet normal now and havent had butt burn for a few months now and dont use a bidet but I put sudocrem on every morning after my shower.also peppermint tea is a must have as it clears blockages and clears you ou an hour before bed and helps with sleep.

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I'm staying away from any meat for like two weeks. Been eating all soft foods. I made a big batch of home made chicken bone broth that I have with white rice. Mashed potatoes, white rice, banannas, apple sauce etc... I ate two peanut butter toast yesterday that didn't agree with me too well, so I'm holding off on that. I'm also doing intermittent fasting, two meals a day: Lunch at around noon and then I eat the second big meal at around 6pm. Drink lots of water.  Intermittent fasting gives the jpouch time to rest big time. Much trial and error in all this. What works for one person may not work for others as we are all different. But eating steak and red meats like that is very rough on the jpouch, especially right after surgery. I've heard from so many people that chicken isn't that bad on the pouch. Regardless, anything is better than living with ulcerative colitis and those nasty symptoms. There is a ton of info on this jpouch website.

I found takedown was like being a baby again ,you have to eat mushy food and treat nappy rash.I eat a lot of homemade chicken burgers,fish burgers and meat burgers with tomatoes and lettuce but I find tomato sauce bad and a meatlovers pizza covered in meat is better than a cheese pizza as the cheese causes gas and deep fried food is bad too.potatoes roasted or mashed are good.I find rice creates gas.but the worst thing is overeating as it causes a backlog and drinking too much alcohol as your body puts all it's effort in removing the poison from your body and then digests the food your eaten but by that time youve eaten more food and so a backlog of toilet trips commence.

I been averaging 10 times a day, but don't seem to be emptying all the way out and sometimes when I go, I don't go much at all. Rice kind of constipated me after I ate it for three days strait. I eat my first meal around 10:30am to around 11:30am, then I have another small meal at around 4-5pm then a small snack like a plain bagel around 6-630pm, then don't eat anything till the next day, so it give the jpouch around 14 hours to kinda rest. Everyone is different and everything is trial and error. I see my surgeon tomorrow to get the staples out of the stoma hole and go from there. Good luck with everything. The best way I think to deal with everything is to do as much research as possible so you know what to expect.

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