What do IBD patients use to remove chlorine, chloramine & ammonia from drinking water? Am thinking that if I'm taking VSL#3 and drinking lots of tap water each day, the VSL or other probiotics might be killed off. I know that chlorine gas will evaporate if water is allowed to sit for an hour or so, but what is used to remove chlorine & ammonia?


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I don’t think the drinking water disinfectants are likely to have an appreciable effect on high-potency probiotics like VSL. The probiotic concentrations are very high, the gut environment has lots more going on than tap water, and the chlorine concentrations are pretty low. VSL may work a bit better mixed in yogurt than tap water, but that’s probably more about the yogurt than the water.

You could filter your drinking water, e.g. with a Brita filter. That will remove the chlorine.

Thank you, Scott & Bobish. I just didn't want to pay a fortune for VSL only to find that chemicals used to sanitize water kills the bacteria. I usually mix it with kefir, but drink lots of water all day.  Scott, if you take VSL DS and also use antibiotics and have success, I guess I won't give anymore thought to the water issue. 

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