I have had a pouch for 26 years.  Here is what cause me to get pouchitis:

1. Change of diet.  Specifically eating very healthy i.e. lots of raw vegetables, salads, fruits etc.

2. (here's the weird one) When I decide to STOP drinking diet coke?  Every few years I realize how bad diet coke is for me and decide to stop or switch to iced tea.  BOOM.....POUCHTIS!!!  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Please tell me I am not alone!  

My theory is that what ever is in Diet Coke that can clean the rust off of a carburetor, can also keep my Jpouch running smoothly.  


Please give me your thoughts and ideas, big or small!!

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Caffeine is rather addictive, and creates a significant withdrawal syndrome when stopped. Perhaps that sets you off? I don't know if it's your only source of caffeine.

Well, that kills the caffeine withdrawal hypothesis. Is the pouchitis confirmed medically? Does it respond to the usual treatment (antibiotic therapy)?

update:  I think all this time it has been cuffitis?  I currently have it and 1,000 mg of Cipro is not working.  Will try suppositories next (yay)!  

I still think this only happens when I stop drinking diet coke!?!?!?   When I stop and switch to other caffine drinks, that's when the cuffitis happens?

And no, Bobish, the iced tea isn't  sweetened (you are correct with that assumption).


-This too shall pass! 

I've often wondered if pH levels play a factor in some of this, i.e. switching from acidic to more alkaline and back and how that affects the pouch and digestive system.

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