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I've read a few posts on here about the subject and thought I would just chime in with my own experiences so far. I tried a glass of white wine about one month post take down, wasn't a good idea. I waited another month and tried a bottle of Guinness beer, that wasn't any better. I just tried 2 shots of vodka over ice with some lemon - that's my preferred drink - and the results were pretty much the same, not a good idea. Each time, a short while later, I had a bowel movement that started out semi normal - whatever semi normal qualifies for nowadays - that soon turned into a two hour never-ending watery bathroom trip that ended up making my butt so irritated and painful to the touch that I felt like it was my first week post take down. Bad enough to convince me to wait another couple months before I try again. What exactly is the science behind what happens with consuming alcohol when one has a Jpouch; why does this happen? I have to admit I miss being a social drinker but will do whatever needs to be done; if that means no more drinking then so be it but that would really suck

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I am almost a year since takedown.  I can have one glass of wine or a mixed drink.  I had 2 glasses of red wine 2 months ago and had trouble with that.  I typically don't drink much anyway so it's no big deal.  When I was away on vacation at the end of May, I had a drink each evening with dinner and it didn't bother me at all.

I don't know the exact physiology, but it has to do with sensivity to the irritation of alcohol to the gut, along with sensivity to various other chemicals. The trauma of the surgery is significant and it takes a good while to recover and acclimate. Everyone adjusts at their own pace.

As for me, I was suffering with hot flashes during my post op years, so I seldom would drink. But years later, I've been enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, the occasional cocktail, and beer on hot days. All without gut issues. For me, there has been no problem with alcohol in the long run.


I find it can really dehydrate me, and then make the pouch output too acidic.  I am about 13 years out and if I have a little it's ok (like 1 glass of something), but any more than that and the balance is thrown off and I get strange feelings throughout my body.  I don't think it's a good idea actually.  But sometimes you just want to because you haven't been able to, or because others are. (Good idea right? *grin!*)


I haven't been around much lately, but this is a surgery anniversary week for me, so I was motivated to pop in and see if I could help with anything.

Alcohol has been the most major lifestyle change for me.  I'm in the alcoholic beverage industry, but my consumption is drastically lower in the 2.5 years since takedown than it was prior to the surgery.

It isn't so much a bathroom issue as a "feel like crap" issue; the dehydrating effects of alcohol are super magnified for me, for some reason, so I try to do two glasses of water for every one alcohol drink, but still finding hangovers magnified all out of proportion.

My simple solution is to pick my spots and my drink; if I REALLY want something, I have it, but I don't just grab some booze because everyone is doing it, and I only drink things that are high in quality and that I genuinely enjoy.

I also have, for whatever reason, significantly fewer issues with agave based spirits than any others, but I've changed from a daily drinker to maybe a couple of times per month, on average.  Honestly, I feel better for it.


Hey Veggiescott, great question. I drink pretty regularly after playing hockey and golf (and at concerts, etc) and I find what I drink plays a lot into how I feel. For instance, recently I've cut out almost all beer. The gluten (assume?) in beer plays havoc with me. Mixed drinks seem ok and whiskey even seems to make my movements slightly firmer the next day. All in all a vodka and soda water seems to have the least negative effect, dare I say no negative effect. I rarely drink enough for a concern with dehydration but I'm always aware of the risk. It goes without saying, a j-pouch hangover is the absolute worst! 

VEGGIESCOTT hang in there!!!! I took a solid year for my body to completely adjust to my jpouch.  I am able to drink whatever I want now (beer, wine,wiskey, etc), but had problems as you said for the first few months after surgery.  My first week after surgery I kept crapping the bed and thought I had made a huge mistake!!!  I just learned I have a new normal for my life, it means I poop 4-6 times a day, but compared to the UC I had.......I just think if I had been born 50 years ago I would most likely have died years ago, so I am happy every morning I wake!!!!


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