Im hearing rumors that Dr. Shen is leaving CC for Columbia Hospital in NY. Is this true?

If so, guess I’ll be going to NY!

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I emailed Dr.Shen. He replied saying, yes he’s leaving CC & going to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NY this winter. He’ll be sorely missed.  Dr. Remzi has also moved to NY. I guess I’ll be traveling to NY (from SC) when I need either one. 

Omg!! Glad my appt is in one month. I really wanted him to go to CC Weston Fl. Yes, Cc is going downhill. Guess we will all be traveling to NY to see him. 

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At CC I would suggest Dr. James Church.  

Dr Church is a colorectal surgeon, Dr Shen is a pouch GI.. not the same type of doc..

Update on Shen,s move to NY Columbia Presbyterian. He will start there on Nov 1. I saw him today and asked why??He said 6 surgeons have left CC and he doesn’t have support for pouches or Pouchitis like he used to. He says Cc is concentrating more on colon cancer. He did say there are still good Dr,s at CC, but I will definitely be going to NY. He seems excited. Dr Kiran is there (used to be at CC).

Shen,s daughter just started at HArvard—so he’s closer.

He had 2 doctors from China with him observing. No doctors in China know anything about pouches.

Shen’s talent belongs in NYC. He needs the big stage. He will be reunited with one of his prized protégés, my former GI Dr. Oikonomou, who was recruited out of Yale by Mount Sinai with promises of a pouchitis clinic. Columbia-Presbyterian likely made similar promises to Shen and offered him a lot of money. Never forget that big talent needs a big stage. This is why Reggie Jackson signed with the Yankees in 1977, and many other baseball stars after him. It’s no different in the medical profession for the major players. My surgeon at Mount Sinai, Dr. Irwin Gelernt, was, back in 1992, the very best colorectal surgeon in the USA. Columbia-Presbyterian since that time has risen up in the hierarchy for colorectal surgery. This is absolutely not a surprise but the natural profession of talent to greener pastures and bigger stages. A preeminent GI needs to be surrounded and backed by preeminent surgeons. NYC is where they are.

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Yeah I have been a patient of Shens since 2008 and have been through a lot with him since, many procedures, needle knife, experimental procedures and a pouch redo 3 1/2 years ago. I am currently having some burning in the anal canal with a sore spot about a fingertip in, and I am basically getting blown off by his office. Unreal. He has me going in for MRI next week to hopefully rule out fistula. But only option he will give me right now is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy which is not an option for me due to costs, and time off of work. Office wont even give me other options or work with me. Basically told me this morning get the MRI and then call the office next week to schedule another office visit. I was just there 5 weeks ago, cant email or talk to me on the phone? a little pissed right now. My butthole has been hurting and wont even prescribe lidocaine or Questran or anything to help.. Was told this morning he is leaving but they didn't know a date but said he would be out the whole month of obviously cuz he will have started his new job... I will be going to Dr Dietz at University down the street to followup on this.. Yes hes a surgeon  that used to be at the clinic but he is head of colorectal and will take care of me after Shen leaves. Remzi only recommends Dr Dietz who he trained so I feel I am in good hands

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