We just heard about this today... We were told a couple months ago that Dr Remzi himself would be calling my husband to schedule his J-Pouch revision for November.  He had his temporary loop ileostomy in May and is devastated by this news.  Dr Remzi's words to my husband earlier this year were "I guarantee to you that I will get your life back for you".  We were surprised at the time that he would make such a statement but it certainly helped in gaining our trust, after being through so much.   I completely understand moving for better opportunities, I just can't believe he would go about leaving Cleveland Clinic and leave his patients mid way through surgeries this way.  I don't know what to do... Has anyone gotten any answers or information?

I empathize with you as it seems very 'sudden' with the departure of Dr. Remzi and Dr. Dietz.  Although I knew about Dr. Dietz, I still received a letter from the new Colorectal Chairman telling patients to call his office to be paired with another surgeon.  Because I have family that work at the Clinic, I hear Dr. Ashburn has taken the role of the top surgeon for K-pouches and J-pouches.  Dr. Lavery is still there and is very good too.  Again, I am sorry for you and your husband.  This has caused me only some mild grief as I was one of Dr. Dietz's last surgeries.  At this point, there is no point of contact for help at the Clinic.  I plan on following Dr. Dietz to UH in Cleveland but he does not start until September 1st.  There are still several good surgeons at the Clinic and I am sure you will find one you need for the Jpouch revision.  Otherwise Mayo or NYC where Dr. Remzi and Dr. Kiran have relocated,  All the best to you and your husband.

my surgeon/GI doc who was 30 min from my house, very close had a great relationship with, even came to my wedding and all moved 2 months ago, i was pretty upset very shocked when she told me she would be moving so i know how you all feel. i at least had her aid i can still see but now this new doctor that i have been put with i can barely understand some things he says because of the heavy accent, had a scope and hes now referring me to a different GI doctor, same hospital and all and from the guys bio im going to guess the same accent. so i hope i can understand what they are saying. now im off to see if NYC is closer then cleveland to me

Good luck DGTRACY... It's such a challenge to find the right dr/surgeon, relief when you do, then the rug is pulled out from under!   :-/   We're doing what we can to see if we can follow him to NYC also... we'll have the whole country covered before this journey is through.  We had planned to travel, but this isn't quite what we had in mind. Haha...   Best wishes to you.

JsWife posted:

Good luck DGTRACY... It's such a challenge to find the right dr/surgeon, relief when you do, then the rug is pulled out from under!   :-/   We're doing what we can to see if we can follow him to NYC also... we'll have the whole country covered before this journey is through.  We had planned to travel, but this isn't quite what we had in mind. Haha...   Best wishes to you.

Thank you, hope you can follow him to NY!

Dr. Remzi did my second (of three) surgeries at the end of May. He was incredible. I was sad to find out, on my follow up appointment on the 13th of July, that his last day in the OR was the day before. With his and his advice from his nurse practioner, Vicki, I have been able to reschedule closer to home for the takedown and follow-up care. I would be devastated if he had moved before he made my pouch. 

I am happy and relieved to say that my husband heard from Dr Remzi today. He sincerely apologized and confirmed that he will remain as my husbands surgeon and will still be scheduling his revision surgery for November as planned. We will be going to New York rather than Cleveland, which is further away but fine by us.  My husband is reassured and feels so much better having heard from him!  Thank you for your comments and understanding. 

I've had a jpouch for 15 years and was having a lot of complications. I couldn't find a gastro Dr. or surgeon to help me in my area so had surgery with Dr. Remzi in April. He did a loop ileostomy. I received a phone call from him too, but don't know if I can go to NY for my next surgery. I'll have to check and see if my insurance will pay for it and if I'm well enough to make the trip. I just got out of the hospital with dehydration and low electrolytes. 

I too heard this. Reliable info suggests that he was asked to step down as chairman. Unclear why. Disappointed that he is leaving but then there will be someone good in his place at Cleveland I am sure. They are trying to get the best person for the management of IBD patients. Someone said that the place was on a down spiral since Dr Fazio left.

Remzi was not the Chair for that long. In fact, he held the title in default because Dr. Scott Strong left the Clinic at the end of 2014, who was the Chair. Then Remzi in 2015 got the title. Strong was more of an open surgery type. While Remzi would use scopic techniques. Remzi also does 1 step procedures. Scott Strong did not believe in one step procedures. Although Remzi did not openly practice one-steps, in healthier patients, it was a thought. The bed side manners were also different. Scott was more of a " Terminator" manor, precise. He was not going to tell you " If I was your brother" Speeches( which many recite ). Remzi was more of the ladder, which for some serves as better bedside manor.Strong and Remzi had different ways of thinking, but seen each others work and respected each other in dialect. Also to note, Dr. Stocchi is not on the list of surgeons left at the Clinic for patients to see. He,  more so than Remzi, got many of Strong's Patients, while Remzi was chair.  Just things to note!

Bump. It looks like Ashburn is doing some J pouches. However, looked at her Bio, she was appointed just in 2012 at CC. Another one, Dr. Lipman, although the proclaimed outcomes seem good, he only does 5-6 J pouches a year. So maybe 30 in his lifetime. Anyone, know of anyone as good as Remzi. It seems this is the best CC has got now. Dr. Stocci, but tbh, great to listen too, far as bedside manner, but seemed he practiced cautious. In other words, things that Remzi was willing to do, Sotcci was not. Which is fine, you always want a surgeon who knows their weak points. However, although he has great bed side manner, whoc cares, it's about results and precision, in my book anyway. This sucks, Remzi was willing to do a 1 step on me, which is a huge recovery, 3 weeks in hospital Remzi told me, and he noted that the recovery would be hard. However, you weigh that vs more surgeries......and if the outcomes are no different, then well...you pick the poison. Kind of like this year's political debates..it's a joke...lol. However, Remzi thought it would be an 85% chance to do 1 step Lapro, so not another brutal big scar. What sucked is Remzi said, " Whenever you decide to have surgery, I will always be here......unless my hands go bad or gawd( sorry don't use the actual word gawd ) willing." Well....Had I of known, I would of maybe thought harder on the one step and let him do it, while there. 

They still have a lot of great surgeons there, even though a few of the really good ones left. Remzi did my redo last year and takedown this past April. I was a very complicated case. He actually called me 2 months ago prior to my hernia surgery and wanted me to see Dr Dietz at University who used to be with the clinic but they don't take my insurance. And he emailed me a few weeks ago to see how I was doing. I love Remzi, he is a great surgeon and a compassionate man who honestly cares about his patients. I really hope nothing happens to me down the road and I need another surgery. Cleveland Clinic is only 20 minutes from my house, but I cannot go to New York to see Remzi. I have heard wonderful things about Dr Ashburn, from Remzi himself actually.

Hey Poucho,

      Yeah my case is a slight complicated, no J-Pouch, just with UC used the restroom only 5-8x a day, at worst, 12-13x. I was young( below 20 ) and things were not explained to me well. So, I have the ileo, but can always have the J pouch. Remzi was willing to create the pouch and take me down all at once. Since, I had the ileo years ago, I have not been on any medication in years. My original surgeon was Scott Strong( he was above Remzi at one point ). Strong left in 2015. So given my situation, only average 5-8x a day.....rather have kept the colon. The j Pouch outcomes, 6-8 daily were not explained to me etc. Had I known, why sacrifice 5-8, for 6-8, and major surgeries? Plus complications? 

     Anywho, I am about to Nod off, so I can reply better later. If it's anything, someone I know and really close to, just find out this xmas that his surgeon was Remzi. He had surgery about 2 years ago. To my knowledge, he is doing great. Then again, this person is private AKA when they had surgery, wanted no visitors etc. I get it, no one wants to be seen sometimes when they are at their worst. However, they gained some weight back, had more color in their face, and holds a stressful job in HR of a hospital, they have their Ph.D. 

  Far as surgeons, Lipman has a high success rate, but again prob 30 pouches in their lifetime....kind of scary. Ashburn, looked at her profile, she really just got appointed in 2012, and experience prior was not a tall laundry list.

Thanks for the reply. 


Folks i feel terrible for all of you. I dont think remzi planned to leave Ckeveland. NYU i believe, thru a tin if money and opportunity at him. He is running the entire gastro dept, research an all. Dr Bosworth from Cornell also went to NYU. He is a wonderful gastroenterologist. NYU us tryyng to build a world class program, bigger than Cleveland and they are throwing millions of dollars at the program. Come to NY, its really a wonderful city. 

Greetings, all - Just some additional info to this thread.  Dr. Remzi was actually the head of the DDI at the Cleveland Clinic for several years, not just a couple as a previous post indicates.  He was already running the DDI at the time he did my one-step in September 2009.  For those of you considering him as a surgeon, I would absolutely travel to NYC to retain him.  I was heartbroken when I heard he had left.  However, for those searching for another Cleveland Clinic colorectal surgeon, I can personally recommend Dr. Costedio.  She was in her first year at the Clinic when she assisted Dr. Remzi with my one-step and she is the reason it was done laparoscopically and not as a laparotomy (open procedure with a giant incision).  My surgery, with both of them working, was nearly 8 hours long.  Dr. Costedio has a wonderful bedside manner and she and Dr. Remzi together were exceptional.  In the ensuing 8 years I've had two episodes of pouchitis and absolutely no other complications.  

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