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My 15 yr old son just has step 1 of 3.  He has missed all but 3 weeks of school so far this year and still has much recovery and 2 additional surgeries.  He has had some home instruction and managed straight A's for the first marking period.  He fears going back to school with the bag (embarrassment in school with the bag making noises, possible leaking, changing in gym,  getting bullied if someone finds out, etc, etc).  Anyway, our school will continue to provide home instruction with a doctor's note.  Our Dr wants me to draft something for him to sign, but I have no idea what to write.  Has anyone else been through this and what sort of note was provided to the school?

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Hi Momma,

I work for a school district and recommend keeping it simple. There is no need to get into all the details about what type of surgery he had:

Dear Principal, 

I'm writing this letter to request that John continues with home bound instruction. On November 18, he completed phase one of a three part surgery. Due to the lengthy recovery time and side effects from the surgery, I recommend that John receive home bound instruction until further notice. 


Dr. X 


For what's its worth I would encourage him to go back to school.  Here is the thing I get it, I have a 13 year old that had his dx changed to Crohn's while we were in the process of starting the surgeries.  After the first one he felt a lot better with a bag on.  We are now in holding pattern.  He is thinking he might keep it for a few more years until he gets out of school.  He realizes that life without a bag is challenging too.  He just finished a basketball season.  He has one close friend and his teachers that know he has a bag.  That is it.  Yes they make noise etc. but not any worse than the rest of the 15 year old boys.  I also really try to remind my son that the stigma about those types of things are changing.  Good luck to you and your son.

My son is 14 and had a colectomy with illiostomy 6 years ago and he still misses a lot of school. In the beginning it was partly because of embarrassment from bag. He has had the bag removed but continues to have horrible nights and has a very low immune system.  He catches everything out there besides just being tired. Does any one have the same situation this far out of surgery?

I understand you letting him home school and think that if it helps get him through this hard time do it.

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