Does anyone have any experience with his surgeon? If so please give me what you know or feedback.


I am told he is one of the top surgeons for the J-Pouch process and also that he has completed more by the method used at Mayo than anyone else in the world. He seems confident and very brilliant. His resume looks good but I cant seem to find and actual feedback from anyone who used him or knows anyone who used him.

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I don't know the man, so I have no personal feedback for you,  but I just typed his name in the search engine and got back a review from Healthgrades. He is board certified in Colon & Rectal surgery which is very good, has no sanctions or Board actions against him also good. Out of 7 reviews he score a 4 out of 5. He has a Linkedin account which also give a fair amount to information on him including that he is the Chair of Colorectal surgery at Mayo and is respected at Mayo also good. 

How did you find Dr. Larsen?


Well he is the Chair of Colorectal surgery department at Mayo. That is a big deal. But you, also, have to be able to talk to him. Does he seem to be in tune with your concerns. Are you comfortable talking to him. You know your doc has good credentials so that shouldn't be the issue. Only you can know if you feel comfortable with this doctor. 

I mean he seems to be good at what he does and comfortable with it. You can tell it’s not much more than a daily procedure in his eyes. So this obviously shows his comfort and confidence level in doing such a complex procedure. I would expect a much different approach from someone who may not be so comfortable. 

Even my local gastro doc said this is exactly what you want for the man behind the scalpel. 

Personalbe isn’t a necessity when it comes to a good surgeon. 

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