Please take caution if you use this doctor.  He is a pompous, narcissistic, know-it-all type dr.  He ruined my life and removed my K-pouch WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!  I went in for K-Pouch repair and woke up with a disgusting bag - that is now permanent. I asked him if there was a chance I would lose my K-Pouch - He said no - you will be fine.  I asked him if I needed a plastic surgeon to stitch me up (I always use one to minimize scars) - He said  no (His wife is a plastic surgeon) he knows what he is doing.  

Well - I woke up with a bag and STAPLES from just under my rib cage all the way down to my pubic bone.  NO doctor has EVER cut my open that high - only just above the belly button.  This A-Hole - didn't even care.  He destroyed my stomach - which btw - you NEVER use staples on the stomach! Doctors mainly use staples for one reason: It's quick.  As if that was not bad enough - Dietz put the stoma up so high on my stomach that I can no longer go topless - and it leaks all the time.  When I cried to him about this and WHY he did this without my permission - that pompous prick replied "I think you're over-reacting."  WTH??? He ruined my Life - and that is his reply???  I am a single girl - who was beautiful and now I'm damaged goods thanks to him!  He did not take ANYTHING I said into consideration - I went over this with him ad nausea - to make sure he knew the importance of minimizing scars, do everything possible to save my K-Pouch, NOT waking up with a bag of crap attached to my body.  He just blatantly did not care.  PLEASE - I urge you - if you are considering - use Remzi or anyone else but Dietz.  I have reported him to the board and I hope to God he realizes that he indeed is NOT God - like he thinks he is. I have contacted several lawyers to sue this disrespectful "man" but all the best lawyers are also on retainer for Cleveland Clinic - it would be a conflict of interest for them...  So please - DO NOT  USE DIETZ!!!  He does not care about his patients - unless you are an easy case that makes him look good and increases his salary - otherwise - you are just another number to him...

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I am so terribly sorry Sydney,  I really am.  I have never dealt with him but dealth with his evil twin in Paris in 2000. Although I did not lose my k pouch, he moved it up to under my belly button..About the worse place for a k pouch stoma, ever. The stoma sunk deep into the abdomen and was practically unreachable. It was also at my abdominal break-point where I had a crease. The result was an intubation nightmare, My stoma corkscrewed and caused endless bleeding. I could only intubate laying on the floor or in the tub. Made work in Paris nearly impossible.

When asked why he put the stoma 'there' the answer was that I hadn't said that I didn't want it there! (he had never mentioned moving it). When I told him that I could no longer go to work he told me to stop working! (I was single at the time and broke).

He was the president of the order of surgeons in Paris and no other surgeon would touch me after him. He watched me suffer, hemmorage and slip into a deep depression.

I was saved when while traveling to Toronto my tube got stuck in my stoma during a flight home and ripped it practically out of my body.

Emergency surgery followed within hours. Dr C was my saviour. He fixed my valve, repositoned my stoma and gave me back my life.

He has been know to reconstruct k pouches from patients who have lost theirs so there is still hope for you. Do not give up.

It has been 11 years since he gave me back a functionning k pouch and in spite of the trial and tribulations I could not be happier.

Contact him if need be. Just PM me for any info.

Do not give up.

by the way I have had staples, stitches, steri-strips, Montgomery ties, girdles, corsets and a mix & assortment of  abdominal closings...They don't change much. The scars are usually the same in the long run...And even that can be fixed. 

Just heal, get healthy and then go for another k pouch when possible. 


Sydney, sorry about your unfortunate turn of events. Does not sound at all what you were expecting. However, please remember, this site is for support and advice and we are not to wage campaigns against doctors, hospitals, etc..  It is OK to voice your displeasure, just try not to let it go too far.


If I recall, you had a history of a lot of complications like Crohn's, fistulas, etc., and you were looking into a number of "last resort" treatments, like hyperbaric oxygen and growth hormone. Granted, removing your k-pouch when you did not consent to it does not seem right. Is it possible that what he found in there gave him no ethical choice? Have you followed up with Dr. Remzi to get his take on the situation? A lot of doctors, and surgeons in particular, have an abundance of arrogance, but that does not make them guilty of malpractice. I am not saying Dr. Deitz was correct, but perhaps there is more to the story.


I had staples from the tip of my sternum to my pubic bone. This is not uncommon.



Sydney: I am very sorry for what you have been through! A few thoughts 

1. I would contact other doctors to see if something can be done to get your kpouch back. I am a big fan of Dr. Beart in Glendale,Ca. Someone said his is no longer operating, but I think he does consultations and has trained 2 wonderful doctors under him.

2. If you can not get your Kpouch back, then maybe they can adjust your opening to make it more comfortable for you.

3. Though I can not speak for all men, I can speak for myself and many of my friends, having a bag would not keep you from being beautiful. Most quality men are not that shallow.

4. Take care of yourself during this adjustment time. Workout and see your friends.



Best of luck, it may not be easy but you will be great!   

Hi, I met Dr Dietz and felt very comfortable with him. He is very knowledgeable about his procedures . I have a malfunctioning J- pouch because of a angulation in the pouch and plus a lot of scar tissue from previous surgeries. He first recommended another pouchoscopy, he wanted to view with his own eyes. So I proceeded and then explained that the J-pouch can not be revised and mentioned this K-pouch that I do not have a lot of knowledge about. Ok , now I am even more concerned the stoma being in a different position , and he placed it way to high and I do not want that! I understand stand the he doesn’t want me to lose even more bowel. Gosh I’m really concerned now?? I have already delt with someone touching me that have no idea what they are doing and waiting five more years of my life with another mess up??? Help don’t know what to do!!!!’n

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