I had a csection on march 12th, 2012. Ever since I had the c section my bowel movements have been more frequent and watery. I felt drained and rundown. I even lost weight. I was 150 when I was pregnant, now im 120. I was recently put on an antibiotic called ceftin for a sinus infection. Ever since I have been on it I don't use the bathroom as much and my bms are alot more firm. Its actuallymaking me constipated. I think I had pouchitis and the antibiotics are helping. I have to call my gi who I havent seen in a very long time to get checked out. I really need my pouch scoped bc it hasn't been looked at since my takedown in 2011. What does everyone think? Is this pouchitis? Im confused and I need some answers. Thank you!!
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Congratulations for your new baby Big Grin

My internist told me that the antibiotic flagyl I took to get rid of my C-diff would not help a sinus infection. I always thought an antibiotic was good for every thing with some better than others, depending on what was wrong with you.

I just got over a C-diff infection that took 2 rounds of flagyl to kill. She didn't want to put me on an antibiotic because the kind I need for my sinus infection could cause my C-diff to flare up again.

So if you start with the big D again it could be pouchitis, cuffitis and/or a C-diff infection. I had C-diff along with cuffitis and my GI caught it when he did the flex scope. Along with biopsies he also had a stool sample tested.

You should get a scope please make sure it is a flex scope and not a straight scope. My surgeon had me come in after a year and he did a straight scope which is fast but painful and he didn't have the capability to take biopsies.

I'm just adding this about the straight scope as I didn't know if you would go to your surgeon or GI.

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