Thursday night woke up with night sweats and was constantly emptying my pouch. I lost a lot of water and became dehydrated very quickly. I though it was the chinese food I eat for dinner (food Poison). My lower left abdomin is in pain so when I lie on my side I can feel it or if I roll over. If I'm on my back it's not bad. As of today I'm very fatigued, drinking a lot of fluids to keep hydrated but still passing yellow/green watery stool if you want to call it that. Is this pouchitis? I did have small amount of blood pass earlier in the week but it caused me no concern until now. Thanks in advance for your reponses!
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From the description it sounds less likely to be pouchitis. It could have been something you ate, something that's going around, or a partial blockage. You're doing exactly what you should be doing if it's a partial blockage. If things continue to improve then it was just one of those things. If you notice you're passing no stool or start vomiting then go to the hospital. If you feel that you're becoming overly dehydrated that would also be a reason to go to the hospital.

I hope you're past the really bad part and everything is now settling down.

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for it to come on that fast, it sounds like food poisoning or a stomach bug. it might take a couple days for the runny stuff to stop so keep hydrated. like kathy said, if you are unable to keep liquids down then make sure to get to the e.r. as you will probably need fluids. it's very hard for us as j-pouchers to come back from dehydration (if it comes to that) without a jump start from the iv bag.

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