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I had my takedown around 6 weeks ago. I now go for daily walks around my neighborhood, and it might be an illusion, but it seems like every dog on my path runs to the fence to bark at me like crazy. I thought maybe my smell has changed now that I do not have a colon, and that confuses the dogs?

I used to walk the same path and I do not remember neighborhood dogs reacting me this way. Anyone with a similar experience?

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It's possible that there is now more to smell, your food is definitely at a different stage of digestion and any leakage (gas etc) would interest them. Dogs may also just be aware of you, animals are very smart and notice more about us then we do about each other. They may even be realizing that you have had surgery.

I have not noticed any difference in the animals I dealt with during my transition, other than possibly more affection.

Hi, Elif.  Another reason could be that dogs are being walked more often now that their humans are at home under stay home orders, but they are not allowed to congregate at dog parks or to meet up with their usual doggie friends. They just go on lonely walks with their human. No one else. Maybe when they see anyone walking past, they are looking for attention?  There are lots of dogs in my neighbourhood and after my takedown four years ago, I didn't notice that the dogs took more interest. It's an interesting concept, though, that you think it could be related to a pouch!

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