may be some of you find weird when you see the subject?  5 days ago I ate a meal with lots of home made yogurt and I was so fine. I do not have any cramps or urgent visits to wc. But afyer that night ı was sick on that day and the other days. now I am using antibiotics unfortunately. 

2 months ago I felt something wrong in my pouch. My visits to wc were increased. I used kefir which is home made again and I felt worse and there are lots of gas in my pouch and I did not be ok and I used cipro and biteral. 

Do you think that this is coincidence? Or does home made yogurt or kefir may make our pouch worse?

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There's nothing wrong with homemade yogurt, and it's pretty hard to screw up. Not all cooks are equally careful with food preparation, so sometimes it gets moldy or contaminated additives/fruit/whatever are used. I wasn't suggesting that homemade yogurt is a problem, just pointing out the (very unusual ways) it might possibly cause your problem. It's more likely that something else is doing it, though, unless it's lactose intolerance.

11 years with J-pouch, yogurts, Kefir and similar fermented milk product with lots of live probiotic bacteria does not work with J-pouch, it's good for people with a colon, but with J-pouch you may feel good after some hrs but after 2-3 days the bacteria overgrown in the pouch and you get burning pouchits and may have to resort to CIPRO if you can't ride out the flare 

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