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No, it’s never occurred with myself 

Although, I refer to Loperamide, which I believe is the same as Imodium.

I’ve been taking it for 5½ years with my J pouch (when I remember) and also for 9½ years, when I had the ileostomy and throughout, I’ve taken the same dosage and I’ve never notice it’s being less effective.

Since Takedown, I do tend to forget to take it and not taking it, doesn’t make so much of a noticeable difference but when my output becomes more “ liquidy ” than normal, taking an extra pill does make a noticeable difference.


Imodium and Lomotil are not the same. 
I’ve been taking both for years. I have to say that since the Pandemic I’m having a rough rime finding Bottles of Imodium. 
I can only find them in the blister packs. Even going to the official Imodium Site.... it says that Amazon and pharmacies carry bottles of 30 and 45 but they don’t. I even spoke to Johnson and they couldn’t find an answer. 

Two cents here Kangaroo....I have found that some batches can get "old" and not work as well. Definitely. Esp. the bulk ones would seem to lose efficacy towards the end of the bottle or in humid/hot conditions. J pouchers notice these things!! My compounding pharmacist told me to always keep them sealed in the (WORST) blister packs ever. It stinks that the limit now is 24 caplets per box due to the loperamide abuse that a very small subset of opioid users were using but you can still buy 10 boxes at a time. LOL. Thanks FDA. The liquid gel caps are easier to open!! sorta.

Ccolbymontucky - that's interesting what you say about bulk bottles and not being as effective. I'm currently towards the end of bottle with 200 pills and it doesn't seem to be working as well. Now I'm thinking it might not be the loperamide but the fact that the pills aren't as fresh. The pills are well within the expiration date. 

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