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I’ve talked with my new GI, highly renowned, about use natural remedies for slowing down my digestive system. He is happy with CBD & Oregano Oil. But didn’t give me any real instructions for using them. I’m on 20mg Prednisone now and it’s not helping. Just diagnosed with CD, originally thought I had UC. Had my first surgery 29 years ago and had a redo of pouch in 2009. Have Kidney Disease from being administered Toradol in the hospital for a month! So I’m constantly drinking water. Cut out most of the sugar in my diet and on low residue diet when I’m having a flare. Tried CBD 25mg/THC 5mg and it helps slowing things down as long as it’s in my system. Maybe I should take more. Going to try a CBD w lower THC levels next.

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I don't know if I'd say I notice any slow down in digestion but I use mostly thc to increase my appetite. It also allows me relief and the ability to hold my bowel movements with little to no effort. Depending on the situation it also allows to just not have the urge to go. I use regularly and I usually only have 4 to 6 bms a day. I guess it's possible that it is slowing things down but I think it's more just a comfort factor.

I take CBD oil but I don't notice it any specific benefits. My cannabis Dr suggested I take 20mg daily to just help, she believes that it definitely helps the gut as we have a lot of receptors in the intestines.

I too use medically prescribed cannabis. I'm definitely a lightweight and it's a fine line for me when I smoke - it makes me very lazy. So what I've been doing recently is taking half a gummy that contains mostly CBD and a little bit of THC. I do find that my bowels seem to slow down a bit, but it could just be the fact that my mind isn't constantly thinking of having to go. Either way, I'm not complaining. Medical marijuana has great benefits and as people with IBD we are granted the right to use it as medicine.

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