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I had my takedown surgery a year ago and have barely gotten my period since. As a matter of fact I am now on my second straight month with no period and rarely have gotten it since surgery. This is a tough one for me as I am also 49 this month so I am not sure if I am going through menopause due to my age or the surgery has pushed this along. I tend to believe the surgery has helped push it along as I did have a monthly cycle consistently until the surgery and people usually do not go through menopause where their cycle stops abruptly like mine has.
No. I was 15 when diagnosed. Menopause at 50, normal age. I did however, have a temporary "menopause" of a few months in response to the trauma of a refractory flare, followed by surgery. That was when I was 40. So, it is true that it has an effect, but it usually is not permanent.

When I was going through menopause my periods were lighter and less predictable. Basically just stopped near my 50th birthday.

Jan Smiler
Thanx so much for your thoughts and personal experiences on the matter. I was freaking out alittle about it but now i feel at ease.
I was worried there for abit thinking i could be going through menopause in my mid thirties which is only six years away but it looks like around 50 years old is more like it. Phew! Smiler
I knew you ladies on here could help me out.
Also, it is not uncommon to be perimenopausal beginning in the 30s, with variable symptoms for many years before menopause.

I had hot flashes and night sweats for a decade before menopause, and irregular periods for about 3-5 years before they finally stopped. Menopause was a happy event for me. No more bleeding, cramps, and inconvenience. I sort of wish it was early!

Jan Smiler
I am 32 and found out that I had diminished ovarian reserve, meaning my ovaries are acting a lot older than I am. I am almost out of eggs, and pretty much out of good ones. I am probably a few years away from menopause. The doctor can't give me a definite reason for this, but some theories are:

1) Heavy doses or prednisone when I was going through puberty
2) Inflammation from the UC interfered with ovarian functioning
3) Inflammation and trauma from the colectomy/pouch interfered with ovarian functioning

It could be none of these things. Hard to imagine they didn't play some role, though...
I was diagnosed with UC when I was 15 and after 5 years and 5 surgeries, it was over. After TTC for 9 months unsuccessfully, I had my CD3 fertility work up and was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. I was 33. Now at 35, my fsh is 26Frowner Not good. I am convinced that DOR and POF is an autoimmune response, and autoimmune issues like to come in groups.
My period always went wacky whenever I had surgery...for some reason I always got it coming out of O.R....yuck! but after may crazy round of surgerys starting in 2005 and lasting til...well...recently, it was scared off for good and I was only 44...granted with all of the surgeries it was a relief Not to have it but I was rather saddened that it left me so young (by the was, I took soja-yam to control the symptoms and it did nicely)...past it now and not complaining too much although a Gyn visit should always be in order if your period dissapears for more than 6 months. Especially if you are in a feritle/procreating mode.

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