hey all, I’ve been experiencing frequent feelings of dizziness and being a little shaky (manifesting mostly in being clumsy) and lightheaded. It’s not super serious but it’s been annoyingly persistent. It’s worst usually in the morning then seems to get better throughout the day. 

I’m trying to address the usual suspects (dehydration, less caffeine, low blood sugar, etc.)  - so I’m wondering if this is a common problem for j-pouchers? E.g. could it contribute to a specific deficiency?

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Multiple people here have that issue, its discussed unde the post - " waking up refreshed a thing of past ?". You should definitely check it.

I dont feel any dizziness as such in morning or the day although I have cutback sugar alot in my diet. My morning routine is pretty simple. A cup of tea with 3-4 brown bread with butter and 1 bread with peanut butter. One scoop whey protein before I leave for work.

I do a light lunch some eggs and rice and black coffeee or another cup of tea. If anything I do eat a lot of bananas as I read about low potassium with a jpouch.

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