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Those of you who have had a diversion – could you tell me what was involved surgically? I.e. what incisions were made?

I’m wondering whether it is done just with an incision for the stoma to come through, or whether it’s more involved than that.

And it would be a loop ileo, right?

Also, how long did you have to stay in hospital?

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I had diversion last November due to my malfunctioning j pouch. Mine is a loop ostomy-I think? that’s generally the norm unless you are having the pouch excised at the same time. I had a pretty big incision-same size as with my original j pouch surgeries, but I had a mother load of adhesions to deal with and my surgeon was looking for causes of my problems so maybe it was more invasive that it otherwise would be. I was in hospital for nearly 2 weeks but I was really in bad shape before my surgery from being chronically sick, and also had 2 ileus while in hospital. I think my surgeon said the min, stay would have been 5 days or so. The made my stoma at the same place as when my j pouch stoma were made. Recovery was pretty long, c,3 months or so.

I hope that helps! It was scary but I’m so glad I did it as I’m much healthier and pain free now.

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