I too have recently been in touch with Marlen again. I was told samples of the 30fr would be available soon and I also was sent a sample of the 34Fr. The diameter is too large and I am afraid to try it for fear of damaging my stoma. I will wait for the smaller 30. 

Has anyone received a sample of the 30fr from Marlen? I have, and found it to be too flexible. It bends on insertion. Also, the inside diameter is .5mm smaller, so the tip if the bulb syringe I use to irrigate won’t fit in.

I would love to hear your experience with it.


I’ve been using the 30 Marlen for years.  I keep it in the freezer to make the tip more rigid. My syringes fit snugly. 

Yes, I did get a sample and at first sight I thought it would be too flexible but I found it went in just fine and actually the new type of medical grade silicone seems to be better than anything I've used in the past including the Weber & Judd 29 fr and 24 inches long.  I did give them my feedback that the bullet tip was only filled to 1/4 inch instead of the 1/2 inch that many people would probably not be comfortable with, even though it was fine for me and he said these were only prototypes and  were still fine tuning this. Apparently many samples were given to some hospitals who do k-pouch, etc and they were very happy with them.  I only used Weber and Judd for 40 years and then bought  the Marlen 30fr 15 inch, so at 24 inches, I'm thrilled that they'll be on the market soon.  I was told that by the end of this week or next, they'll be available to buy. This silicone grade is very soft to the touch but again worked wonderful for me.




15040 Medium Straight Tubes Marlen MFG. & DEV. CO.

I cut some off the end and keep it sitting in a cup in a u shape so it will stay that way. It makes it easier to use.

I use the Bard 50cc Bulb Syringe. It fits in the end of this  catheter just fine.

all of my different cc's irrigators fit from those that hold up to 80 cc's to the very small,pointed ones I've gotten from dental offices, the Weber and Judd was only 29 fr, even smaller, so I'm not sure what you're using, I think all of mine came from hospital stays or whatever I saw online from the medical  supply houses, I had no idea there were different sizes, some were pointy, some not. Perhaps you need to ask your medical supply house. All have fit easily.


There may be some confusion here, we're discussing the brand new, not even out yet Marlen 30 fr 24 inch catheters, that a few of us were able to sample before it goes on market. It's a completely different silicone, that now is comparable to all the newest catheters being put on the market

I was told they only had a few samples to send out, sounds like most of them went to hospitals for their feedback. Since I was told that they would be on market very soon, I don't know if they're going to send any more out. You can always contact them.  I don't know what the price will be, however, since it's similar to Weber and Judd, they'll definitely be more expensive than what you pay for the shorter length, and completely different material than any of the other catheters, well worth it to me after having to use the 15 inch length.

I am on Marlen’s contact list and have not heard anything in a while. I was just wondering about them this morning.  

I talked with them over 3 or 4 weeks ago after not hearing from them when he said they would be on market by end of August.  Apparently , they need to do some more design work and testing on catheter according to their feedback.  I thought it was great except to add more to bullet tip.  They're not responding to my emails so not sure what's up. I recommend others contact by phone as well.

I have difficulties with the lack of communication from Marlen. We do not have a Marlen rep in NYC so I rely on email and phone calls with  lyle.fenton@marlenmfg.com or the office at 216.292.7060. I left a message today and will reply back with any information that Lyle shares.

Its a tragedy that Weber Judd cancelled production without giving anyone notice. 

The lack of care and concern - and professionalism - has been disappointing! The abrupt halting of the production of the catheters with no notice, in addition to the difficulty communicating with Marlen (I’ve been dealing with Lyle as well), just creates anxiety and that’s certainly not something we need more of!

There is a website, BCIR catheter 9 inch extenders for 30 Fr, selling for $10 plus $6 shipping, so this will work on any of the shorter 30 Fr catheters. This sounds like a good option until Marlen hopefully gets out their 24 inch catheter.

I’ve also used the extender. I ordered it from Edgepark I think. If I recall, it fit both the Marlen and Medena 30 fr. I’m really not into long catheters because I sit to intubate so I didn’t use it for long. But it worked...

Standing to intubate?!  Hmm, not sure many people want the longer catheters for that purpose.  Edgepark does not sell them, they have other types of tubing but not for continent ileostomy  catheters.  This company I wrote about, I believe produces them and made specifically for 30 Fr catheters

The catheter situation is dire.  I’m about to get into my emergency kit for my last Weber & Judd 2 slot.  I have new unopened W&J 3 slot I ordered by accident, has anyone used one of those?  Anyone heard from Marlen?  Thanks, all!

Finally, a company is now producing catheters similar to Weber and Judd. I just got the letter from Mayo clinic:: I scanned and pasted the info below. I will also

post this as new topic ,  I've heard from Marlen mfg and they do offer the longer lengths as well, I suggest you contact them  and that info was in earlier posts.





Images (1)

Interesting. This is the same company that manufactures the NUVAL ($250) that I have had to use when experiencing failed valve issues (between my revisions). Photo below for reference.
I bet their catheter prices are going to be very expensive. 


Images (1)

Weber and Judd also did not take insurance. You must get a Rx from your doc and then send that onto your insurance with your receipt paid for your catheters.


thanks for that info.   i am on medicare and supplemental insurance and i didn't get a script for the NUVAL.  maybe kim had her's covered?  let's hope so.  

I purchased one to have on hand as a spare,  in case of  an equipment failure of the one the doctor inserted at the Cleveland Clinic. Due to how far away I am from Cleveland. I still have it. My valve is back to working 100%, so I hope I never have to use one again. Unfortunately, I had to pay cash for it, but it was a drop in the bucket compared to what I spent on the out of pocket surgery expenses.  

I ordered one of these. They are $60. They are not the same material - less rigid and the holes are smaller, and diameter is also slightly larger. I have not used it yet. I ordered the 2 slot, as that is what I used from WJ for almost 40 years and I am concerned that the 3 slot will be too bendy for insertion. However the 3 slot is probably a smaller diameter. The measurements on the invoice are not accurate.

Do any old timers with a K pouch use a 3 slot? What are you using instead of the WJ?

I only used WJ 29Fr 3 holes for 41 years. I did get a couple of samples of the Marlen 30Fr 2 hole 24 inch length, it's great!  Much more flexible, silicone grade. I don't know the cost so you'd have to call them as stated in many earlier posts.

Hello DGS and Littlered1 (not sure how to tag🤔). For 43 yrs I’ve used WJ 31 FR, 24” 2-slot.  I have a WJ 3-slot 29F unopened for emergency backup but have never tried one (ordered it by mistake).  I’ve been waiting to hear how the new ones work so thanks for your posts.  I’ll try the Marlen 30F  24”, 2 slot.   cjs

DGS - I found the sample from Marlen for the 30Fr 2 hole to be much too flexible. Just proves how different our plumbing can be!

We have been trying to get in touch with Shelia from Marlen since our conference in Hersey, PA last November. We were promised they could make us the continent catheter. Will reach out again and share updates. 

Thank you for your efforts, please keep trying to connect. I have been using W&J catheter since '85' and it has been the best I have found and was crushed when they suddenly stopped production. The only product I have found was the Marlen medium curved 30fr catheter, but holes are smaller and not as pliable as the W&J. Thank you again.

I bought one of the Marlen’s too.  I agree with the holes and pliability.  Haven’t tried it.  Keeping it for emergencies.  The only good thing was the cost, it was really cheap.  

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