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Hi, I went to order the #0718601 catheter but was told the Weber and Judd corporate office has closed down production of those catheters. We need the flexibility of the silicone rubber for new Kpouches which Marlen brand and Medina brand do not offer. Does anyone have another recommendation? 

Thank  you in advance,



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Sorry, wish I had an answer for you. Have been on a hunt for catheters for many months now. The Marlin and Medina are too flexible and I have been told by several suppliers that there is a production problem. And some companies no longer make the product .

This is certainly effecting my quality of life in a very bad way. If you hear of anything please, please pass the information along.

Thank you

Best of luck




Hello all. Just for clarification and personal venting:  This news is very distressing to me and I suspect others.  I have used these catheters since 1981 following surgery at Mayo Clinic which is next door to Weber and Judd pharmacy. I have sampled other catheters over the years all of which have been problematic for me including damage to my stoma.  I have been willing to pay many times more for the Weber and Judd product. I contacted them about the discontinuance and was told they had sold their long term care facility which had been in-house manufacturing the catheters. They have decided to no longer continue to make them. I was offered what sounds to be the Marlen catheter, which I have found to be too stiff, curved in odd direction, limited to two edgy holes and short. The person I talked to informed me that another K-Poucher was very pleased with the change (which may be true but also seemed dismissive of my concerns). I understand their catheter is widely preferred by many. We differ in our situations and personal needs.  One size does not fit all. Same as with other medical conditions. I was informed that it was a corporate decision to no longer offer their catheter and that he didn’t know who made choice to do so. I asked about the corporation’s board and chairperson to potentially express my concerns. He claimed he didn’t know who they are. This is corporate annonmity, diffusion of responsibility and apparent cost focused healthcare decision making (although at the most recent $109.00/catheter, it seems a profit could be made). Curiously, their motto is “Then-Now-Always.” All this said,  I am grateful for the nearly 40 years of the Weber and Judd catheter, the personalized caring and service I received through their previous division. Just not sure of direction forward. Perhaps out of country purveyors? 


Gosh, let’s hope not! I have a hard enough time getting the few Medicare allows now.I tried getting extras, as I was battling C-diff and was told to get new ones as to not recontaminate, but was denied. They said that would interfere with my regular order?? 

Cant understand as I would have just paid out of pocket. Was advised on how to disinfect what I had with bleach.

 I have a NG tube to use to relieve gas and it doubles to help strengthen the Medena

One of my Drs is now looking into a type of plastic open curette to see if that will help. You would just pull it out as soon as you get the regular catheter through the valve ,and it is washable, they say.Hopefully I get that soon.  I have to intubate at least 10 times a day. Will let you all know if that works out!

I believe the medical world is beginning to see we have a problem here. But as Kim says, we are a disappearing group🥴😢


I just got an email response from Marlen Manufacturing and they're in the process developing and replacing Weber & Judd catheters, as in length, etc.  I just ordered one of their medium straight 30 fr catheters at 15 inches and they work really well for me, are flexible but I hate the short length. I've used the Weber and Judd since my K-pouch of 41 years so was horrified to hear this news as well. I emailed Marlen mfg. just yesterday and got a quick reply from them. So this is good news!  I also contacted the Mayo clinic as they also only used Weber & Judd catheters and they have a potential distributor for the W & J design as well.  So it may take some time, I suggest that anyone who is interested to email Marlen mfg.  for future info.  


Please let us know as soon as you receive the new Marlin. I just got an e-mail that the urinary catheter i’ve been waiting for is coming tomorrow. This I will try to put in the Medena to strengthen insertion.15 inches is so much better, most of the time I have to bend over doggy style to empty, putting me really close to the potty🤨

ET/RN  I have extremely thick output most of the time, despite whatever I do, so when I can get my hands on one of these new ones, i’ll Let everyone know.

It has taken me weeks to get the catheter coming tomorrow 🤞. This is just becoming so stressful ,apparently all these changes started taking place in the last year. I’m at 17 months out. Rats !!

Thanks sooo much for all of your input,





This news was so distressing to me! I too have used the WJ catheter since 1981. Nothing else works. I have bulky and sometimes thick output, as I am a vegetarian. This catheter has the circumference, length and flexibility none of the others have. I don’t know what I’ll do if another company doesn’t step up. 

The only comfort is that I’m not alone in this. If anyone gathers more information, please keep me posted. 

I emailed Marlen this week hoping they could confirm they are taking on the production of the Weber and Judd 31F, Silicon catheters but I have not received a  reply. My email is below:

Good morning,
Vanessa and I are WOC Nurses and we manage care of newly created Kpouches. We have used your Marlen catheters for patients after they successfully recover from their 3 week post-op. However during the first 3 weeks, these client need a longer, softer catheter for continuous intubation. 
Previously, Weber and Judd Co. provided flexible, silicon rubber catheters that were 31 Fr and 24" in length but they have discontinued manufacturing this product. After speaking with many patients and colleagues, I learned that Marlen Co. was potentially manufacturing this style of catheter. 
Can you please confirm if you will be manufacturing this style and can you share any other information concerning your continent catheters? Kpouch Continent Ileostomates will forever need these products and the whole community is grateful to Marlen for your products. 
We can only hope you will take on manufacturing this vital, flexible silicon rubber catheter as well.
Thank you,

Marlen Mfg will answer your question if you call, please go to their website for their number.  I followed up about 1 month ago, they're still working on it as they want the same cath design, I believe it will be a 30FR with 2 holes.  She will contact me as soon as their product is finished, I assume this is not a quick process. All I wanted was Marlen's 30FR with a longer length, as that catheter seemed fine for me. Apparently, the Weber Judd was deemed sterile and that's why the Mayo Clinic uses that on all their K-pouch patients.  

This is not the one Marlen is working on, as it's still in Research and development. I believe what you found was just a very expensive third party ad for Marlen catheters, you can buy same thing from Marlen ostomy distributors for about $16-18,  I believe. Weber and Judd has none left, anywhere, the Mayo ostomy nurses would have bought them up if they could. There are many third party scammers out there.

LITTLERED1, Weber & Judd  had  both sizes, the 29 Fr and the 31Fr. We use the 31 Fr because it is the bigger size. 
DGS, thank you for contacting Marlen as well! I will call them.
LADYTAY97- thank you for the link. It does look like a Weber and Judd. I have seen a few advertised and they are always over $100. It is hard for our hospital to order off these websites. We generally have to go through the original seller to order a product. 

I wrote to Marlen Corporate office and got an immediate response. He said they are working on it and would send me a sample if I wish. The one they are developing g now is 34Fr and 24 inches. Although he said it is similar to the W& J, obviously the size is much larger. I shared my thoughts on it and answered some questions he asked about dimensions, etc. Perhaps it would help if some others reached out as well. “The squeaky wheel...” as they say!

The Weber and Judd 29FR 24 inch length is the only catheter I've used for 41 years, the longer length means no blowback as it reaches into the water.  Adding a connector is not a good option for the shorter lengths.  I really didn't notice much difference in the Marlen 30FR 15 inch length as far as the eyelets are. I also contacted Marlen again for clarification on their R&D, saying that the 34FR wouldn't work and in fact may

cause problems for the nipple valves due to its diameter. Waiting for response.


Thank you LITTLERED1 and DGS! I just got my email reply as well:

Hello Erin


Regarding your email of May 11th on the Weber and Judd catheters.  We do have 34fr catheter with the silicone tubing.  I do have material on order for the 30fr tubing.  I am hoping to receive this material soon.  I would be happy to keep you posted when we get the 30fr catheters in production.


If you would like to see the 34fr catheter I would be happy to send you a sample.  Just contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.


Kindest regards,

Barbara Takacs



5150 Richmond Rd, Bedford, Ohio 44146

PH: 216.292.7060   FX: 216.292.9196






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Update for W&J replacement by Marlen Mfg.  Recently got an email from them saying that within 1 month they will have samples of their new 30 FR long length although they didn't say how long and within another month or so will be for sale. I will post when I get the go ahead for requesting a sample and let you know and then you can contact them directly requesting a sample as well.  Debby


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