Anyone had their pouch diverted only to still feel sick? Not sure what's going on with me but after 7 weeks I should be better. Digestion is off and still very tired.  Surgeon not sure if it's the pouch, wants me to see GI but only spot is at the end of the month. 

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Ally, Jeffrey has been diverted since March.  He was in a lot of pain, exhausted, losing weight, the whole bit for a while.  It wasn't until June that he was beginning to feel better.  And then he began gaining weight, 50 pounds to be exact. Not happy!  He also has pouchitis and did develop another abscess and fistula!  Go see your GI.  And good luck.


Yes.  I had the pouch disconnected (i wanted it removed and surgeon convinced me to keep it in).   Not only did I continue to have pouch issues, I developed additional issues - lightheadedness, dizzy spells and some others.  I continued to have pouchitis with the pouch disconnected.

I went 18 months with the disconnect then had the pouch removed.  12 years later - post pouch removal - not one GI problem (except if I get a stomach bug I need IV at the hospital to rehydrate).  I haven't even seen my GI dr in almost 4 years because I've gotten lazy and have no specific reason to see him.

Thank you Jill,

we have spoken before on and off the years. You were the original poster child. I'm so glad things worked out for you. I'm seeing my GI at the end of the month. My surgeon thinks the pouch could still be inflamed. I'm not doing well. 

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