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I had a partial blockage last week, it was relieved with Cat Scan fluid. My gastroenterologist told me my bowel is dilated where I had J Pouch surgery. I’ll be speaking to him in a few weeks. This is all new to me. I hadn’t had any problems until three years ago with a twisted bowel. This is after almost thirty years. I want to find a surgeon familiar with J Pouches in New Jersey.

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I’d have to change my health insurance, we could if needed. I just read about this surgeon, I wish this country had more people like him. When I had my J Pouch, there had only been 1000 done. My was made by the surgeon that perfected the procedure, I’m very lucky.

I know right!!!!! I agree 100%%%%%!!!! The U.S needs improving!!!!

Look at you apart of history!!!! You must have gotten yours done in the late 70's, early 80's.

The dilated bowel could be from something like a pouch inlet stricture, given its location. Alternately it might be from the partial blockage, if that’s where the blockage was. If either of these things are responsible then surgery might not be the first thing to consider. Your gastroenterologist should be able to dilate a stricture, if that’s what’s going on. When was your last pouchoscopy?

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